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Lumix G7 Review

Lumix G7 Review

For the past 6 months I’ve been working with Lumix as a 4k photo ambassador. I’ve been using Lumix’s 4k camera range but the camera I’ve had for the longest is the G7. Lots of you have been asking how I’ve been getting on so I thought it was about time I wrote a Lumix G7 review.

Before I begin, I am not a ‘professional photographer’. This G7 review is intended for people, like me, who are photography enthusiasts and love a good camera but I’m not pretending to be a photography expert. Yes, I use it in auto quite a lot. (shame on me, I know)

About the Lumix G7

The Lumix G7 is a compact camera with interchangeable lenses. It’s a small, lightweight camera and this is actually what initially drew me to it. I’m someone who hates carrying a heavy camera but loves the image quality and precision of a good camera. I don’t care what anyone says, an iPhone will never been as good as a ‘real camera’. This isn’t quite the size where you could slip it in your pocket or forget about it in your handbag but it’s definitely light enough to carry around for a day without getting shoulder ache.

It’s currently priced at £449.00 (Amazon UK as of March 24th 2016) making it a midrange camera.


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Lumix G7

4k photo Q&A on The Travel Hack Jumping[/column]

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Lumix G7 touch screen

4k photo on The Travel Hack[/column]

Things I love about the Lumix G7


The main thing I love about this camera is the fact that it’s small and lightweight but still performs really well.

Free-angle screen

The Lumix G7 has a free-angle screen, meaning you can flip it out so you can see yourself – perfect for selfies! The camera is also small enough and light enough that you can hold it out to take a selfie – my previous camera had the free angle screen but it was too heavy to hold out with one arm so if you wanted to use this selfie screen the camera had to be on a tripod.


The main thing I like about the touch screen is that it makes it easier to navigate the settings and change functions. There are so many functions on this camera and even after 4 months I’m still discovering new things it can do.

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Lumix G

Springer Spaniel running | #4kphoto

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Lumix G7 flip screen

4k photo Q&A on The Travel Hack Pelicans[/column]

4k video and photo

The 4k photo mode is one of the best modes on the camera as it allows you to capture movement so easily.

On the G7 I capture 4k photos by making short videos in the 4k video mode and then extracting a still file from a video.

It’s really easy to do – as long as you do it straight away. Otherwise you end up with hours of video footage and you don’t remember where the perfect still images were located. You have to be organized when capturing 4k photos, otherwise you’ll end up with too much footage and not enough time to sort through it all.

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Anything I don’t like about the G7?

One of the downsides of 4k photography and video is that it quickly eats up your memory card and takes a lifetime to upload to your computer. But, like I said, as long as you stay organized and edit the images and videos on the camera rather than uploading them to your computer first it’s much easier.


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Tips for using the Lumix G7

As with any new camera, the best thing you do for your photography is to learn how to use it. I know it’s boring but sit down with the manual or a few YouTube videos and learn how to use every function. Spend a day using each different function and get to grips with it before you move on to the next. This is a great little camera but you won’t get the best out of it if you use it in auto and don’t make the most out of the 4K mode.

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This is a great camera if you’re looking for a compact camera on a midrange budget. If you have a slightly higher budget – or you’re prepared to wait a little longer and save up – I’d recommend the GX8. The GX8 is more expensive but I think it’s well worth the extra money. I only used this camera for a week, which is why I won’t be writing a full review, but I loved this camera. The 4k function is easier to use, the camera is amazingly quick and the design is sleek and stylish.


Cathy (MummyTravels)

Tuesday 29th of March 2016

I say this every time you post about Lumix but I am so tempted by this. Am kicking myself for missing a cash back offer and hoping for a sale!

Shannon Mills

Tuesday 29th of March 2016

LOVE Lumix! I have the G10 that I bought 5 years ago. Always interest in investing in a new camera but then I just save for a new lens ;) Never had any problems with the camera, it's a fantastic one for travel and photography... I take all my pictures with it <3 Enjoy!! xx