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Reviewing M&S thermals: Staying warm and stylish on the slopes

Reviewing M&S thermals: Staying warm and stylish on the slopes

Loving the fact that it was warm enough to wear just my thermal top in Boí Taüll, Catalonia

There is absolutely nothing worse than getting cold while you’re skiing. Well, maybe one thing and that’s getting hot.

I often find that while I’m on the slopes I’ll be freezing one minute (usually on the lifts) and then sweating the next (usually half way down the mountain!)

To stay the right temperature all day it’s really important to have the right ski kit. You don’t need to wear lots of bulky layers to stay warm; in fact, it’s probably the opposite. You just need 2-3 clever layers.

I’ve learnt from experience that bulky layers make you feel uncomfortable, as you don’t have the flexibility to move properly. I like to wear a thin layer of thermals, a thin fleece and then my ski pants and jacket. I then wear a hat, waterproof gloves and a thin cotton neck Chube that you can wear around your neck, over your mouth and nose or push up to keep your hair back.

The perfect ski kit starts with the perfect thermals and while I was in Catalonia I was sent some M&S thermals to try out.

I usually wear old gym kit rather than proper thermals while I ski. In the past I thought they were OK but it wasn’t until I tried the M&S thermals that I realised proper thermals are so much better.

Light Control Thermal Santoni Seamfree Sports Leggings – £18 (originally £22.50)

That's my bum, honest ;)

That’s my bum, honest 😉

Wow, that’s a long name for a pair of leggings but when you look at the properly you’ll understand why.

The first thing I noticed was how thin they are. They’re actually worryingly thin. How on earth were these skimpy leggings going to keep me warm? But they kept me perfectly warm and I felt super comfortable thanks to them being so flexible.

They’re actually not seamfree, the seam is on the inside of your leg but it’s perfectly joined so you don’t notice it. I think this must stop them twisting or rubbing.

I was used to a bulky pair of running leggings while I ski that I had assumed would be warmer. The main problem with these bulky leggings was that they bunched up around the ankles and dug into my skin where my boots were fastened tightly. They also weren’t any warmer so these thin thermals win every time.

These have sweat wicking patches in all the right places and strategically placed colours that are slimming on your bum and thighs. I know that not many people will see you in your thermals but it’s always good to know you’re looking good under those bulky pants.

Heatgen™ Thermal Zipped Sports Top – £27.50

That's not me.

That’s not me.

Again, this top is really thin and lightweight. The outside is smooth but the inside is soft and almost feels like fleece so it’s super cosy. It also has air vents around the arms to keep you cool and sweat free.

While I was in Port Aine it was really warm so I actually wore this top alone with no ski jacket. I can also see myself wearing this while out running in the mornings.

One of the reasons I chose this top is due to the zip. Like I said, I often get hot when I ski so I like tops I can unzip and let some fresh air in. I also like the thumb holes which stop your sleeves riding up and stop you having any exposed skin

Once you’re wrapped up warm with your gloves and your bulky coat and pants on, it’s really difficult to rearrange your clothes and the last thing you want is a sleeve riding up to your elbow and then some snow getting in there.

Final thoughts

All in all, I’m really happy with these thermals from Marks and Spencer. They’re a great price and cheaper than some of the thermals you’ll find in specialty ski shops.

We Brits have trusted M&S with our undies for years and it looks like they’ll become a firm favourite for thermals too.

I’ve realised that proper thermals are much better than making do with old t-shirts and leggings while you’re skiing. The thinness of them makes them really comfortable while remaining warm and cosy. And when thermals can double up as running kit, that’s even better!

Kathryn Burrington

Thursday 27th of March 2014

They do sound great value! I could have done with them on my recent Arctic trip, it was really freezing at times.

Shalu Sharma

Tuesday 25th of March 2014

Pretty cool stuff. I suppose you do need these thermals if you are on those cold mountains. That's really your bum?


Thursday 27th of March 2014

Yes, honestly that's my bum ;) (I wish!)