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Seetroen Glasses Review: Can these glasses cure travel sickness?

Seetroen Glasses Review: Can these glasses cure travel sickness?

When I was contacted and asked if I’d like to review some special new glasses from Citroen which claim to stop travel sickness, I was very excited.

I was told these glasses can stop you feeling motion sick in a matter of minutes so I jumped at the chance to get a pair on loan.

I’ve always suffered from motion sickness. Yes, I know, I know – have a chuckle! People always find it funny that someone who travels for a living suffers from travel sickness. I haven’t let travel sickness stop me from travelling but it can make my life difficult. Most journeys are uncomfortable at best and horrific at worst.

If you’ve ever travelled with me and you’re thinking, ‘Mon doesn’t suffer from travel sickness!’ it’s because I don’t talk about it when I feel sick. If I talk about it I instantly feel worse so I usually just sit there quietly and stare straight ahead! So you’d probably just be thinking, ‘Mon is a really antisocial and quiet traveller!’

I do take travel sickness tablets but they don’t often stop the queasiness altogether. They often make me feel very drowsy and the best I can hope for it falling asleep. I did find some particularly good motion sickness tablets in Thailand but it’s questionable whether or not they were actually motion sickness tablets or happy pills/sleeping pills. My friends all thought they were happy pills! I think I agree.

Anyway, I digress…

An automotive PR agency got in touch to see if I’d like to test out these glasses which put a stop to travel sickness. I hastily agreed and then these arrived….

Seetroen travel sickness glasses

Seetroen travel sickness glasses

Needless to say, I laughed a lot when they arrived.

I actually thought these might have been a serious product and something to help me combat motion sickness and be more productive during my many long journeys. I always have good intentions to get work done during long flights and train journeys but as soon as I look down at my laptop I want to throw up. I can’t even tune the radio in the car or adjust the temperature controls without feeling sick!

We’re in Menorca this week and I knew this would be a great opportunity to test out the Seetroen Glasses. We’ve hired a car and plan to explore the island in our new wheels. I knew we’d be relying on Google Maps to find our way around the tiny country lanes and we’re hoping to discover hidden beaches and little towns off the usual tourist trail. This involves lots of looking down and, as Sam usually drives, this leaves me as co-driver and head of directions and music.

Winding country lanes + lots of map reading are pretty much my worst nightmare so how did I get on using these sexy glasses and how do they work?


The Travel Hack reviewing Seetroen travel sickness glasses


How do they work?

Taken from the website:

Initially developed for sea travel, Seetroën glasses use Boarding Ring™ technology developed by a French start-up company. This patented and tested paramedical solution has an efficacy rating of 95%.

Equipped with moving liquid in the rings around the eyes, both along the frontal axis (right/left) and sagittal axis (front/back), the glasses recreate the horizon line to resolve the conflict between the senses that cause motion sickness.

For the design of the glasses, Citroën called on 5.5, a collective design studio based in Paris, which has incorporated the Brand’s fresh, simple and ergonomic style. The result is a pair of glasses with a high-tech look in white soft-touch plastic.”


Did they work?

Now I’m probably as surprised as you are here but…yes, they actually did seem to work!

While wearing them I could look down and follow Google Maps on my phone. I even wrote an email while sat in the passenger seat!

I didn’t feel 100% but I definitely didn’t feel as sick as normal. So these glasses don’t provide a total cure to travel sickness but they certainly help!


Seetroen travel sickness glasses


Do they look like a joke?


I look ridiculous. I look like a lunatic.


Could you wear them while you’re in public?


So no trains, planes or buses with these bad boys on. I was even a little embarrassed by the looks I was getting from other drivers in passing cars.


Could you wear them while driving?


Personally I couldn’t because they kept slipping down my nose and were just an irritating distraction.

The also obscure your peripheral vision which could make driving dangerous.


Seetroen travel sickness glasses


Will I be rushing out to buy a pair?

Errrr…no. No I definitely won’t.

The glasses retail for 99 euros which isn’t too bad but until the design is improved I can’t see myself buying them.


How about you? Would you buy a pair of these Seetroen Travel Sickness Glasses?


Disclaimer: These glasses were sent on loan.



Monday 20th of November 2023

I got few pairs over the years, although looking like a lunatic but works like magic in real life !!


Wednesday 22nd of November 2023

Exactly. I don't mind looking like a lunatic if it means I don't feel sick!

Rob Pickup

Friday 13th of March 2020

Just seen these on the the Citroen site and wondered if they work.

Reading your review, I guess they do, and a little thought leads me to believe that the easing of motion sickness is entirely down to the removal of the peripheral vision.

My thinking is that motion sickness is caused primarily due to the work your brain has to do. The periphery vision itself contains very little detail, that is proven and is easily tested, your subconscious does a lot of work to fill it in, I guess people who rarely suffer motion sickness are able to process this better than others. Under normal circumstances, the mind is able to use what is going on in your standard vision to work out what might also be happening in your peripheral, but, look at your phone, stereo, or anything else other than outside, and all that information is missing, makes the task of filling in those blanks a whole lot more difficult, thus causing the sickness to build up faster.

I could be wrong, but it does make sense, what do you think?


Monday 16th of March 2020

That does make perfect sense. So you could wear anything to remove the peripheral vision - even a hat or something. Anything that doesn't look quite as ridiculous as these glasses!

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Monday 2nd of March 2020

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Friday 27th of December 2019

I have a pair, and like you I do find they alleviate motion sickness although don't resolve it completely. I think they'd be more effective if they weren't constantly slipping down my nose and if the "soft plastic" (it's bendable, but doesn't feel soft on the face) wasn't perpetually warped, leaving one lens sitting higher than the other.

Also, I think I paid $25 CDN for mine.


Sunday 5th of January 2020

Oh wow you got a bargain in comparison! I agree, they don't fit properly and I genuinely thought they were a joke product until I realised they worked!