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101 reasons to love winter

101 reasons to love winter

Are you a winter lover or do you spend every moment of winter counting down the days until spring arrives?

I’m going to be honest with you here. I do not love winter!

I’ve written this blog post to remind myself that winter is a gorgeous season and not just four months of the year to ‘get through’. I love the start of winter. I love the cosiness of it and the build up to Christmas, but once the novelty of the new year has worn off I’m done with winter. January to March are the three longest months ever. How can July, August and September fly by so quickly but then January, February and March seem to last twice as long!?

But this winter I’m determined to enjoy it and not resent every cold day or wish the season away while I count down to summer. I’m going to make the most of the cosy evenings and make more of an effort to get out and about, no matter what the weather is! I’ve also booked a few winter trips this year to sunnier climates and I have a lot of trips in the UK to look forward to in the spring.

You’ll notice I haven’t added many Christmas related reasons to love winter to the list. Christmas is the very best thing about winter and I could have written 101 reasons to love Christmas alone, but the hardest part of winter is the post-Christmas slump, so these are mostly lovely winter things that have nothing to do with Christmas.

So here we go…101 reasons to love winter! If you have any more to add to the list, please do add them in the comments below! And if you love a geeky fact, be sure to check out these 16 fun facts about December for even more reasons to love this time of year!

101 reasons to love winter

101 reasons to love winter

  1. Scented candles
  2. Bubble baths
  3. Stew and hearty pies
  4. Lighting the fire or log burner
  5. Movie nights under a blanket
  6. Blustery walks along the beach
  7. Cosy knits
  8. Steamy mugs of hot chocolate
  9. Snow
  10. Skiing
  11. Flannel PJs
  12. Pub lunches
  13. Roast dinners
  14. Christmas (obvs!)
  15. Kids going to bed when it gets dark
  16. The sound of rain on the windows when you’re cosy and warm inside
  17. Splashing in puddles
  18. Gingerbread lattes
  19. The cosiness of traditional pubs
  20. Mulled wine
  21. Bobble hats
  22. Frosty mornings
  23. Seeing your breath in the cold air
  24. Bright blue skies when it’s really cold outside
  25. Babies in snowsuits
  26. Christmas lights
  27. Ice skating
  28. New Year’s Eve
  29. A fresh start in the new year
  30. Cosy blankets
  31. An extra thick winter duvet
  32. Comfort food
  33. No need to fake tan/get a pedicure
  34. Cosy boots
  35. Winter coats
  36. Fleece lined tights
  37. Rosy cheeks
  38. January sales
  39. Netflix marathons
  40. It’s not too hot to go to the gym
  41. But you can also make the excuse that it’s too dark to go to the gym
  42. Sledging
  43. Cosy cuddles
  44. Cooking batches of soup
  45. Red wine
  46. Knitting
  47. Slow cooker dinners
  48. Winter city breaks
  49. Escaping for a week or two with a winter sun holiday
  50. Cosy socks
  51. Layering up
  52. The red Starbucks cups
  53. The smell from log burners
  54. Walking into a warm house when it’s cold outside
  55. Heated seats in your car
  56. Dogs wearing jumpers
  57. Ear muffs
  58. Talking about the weather…endlessly
  59. Long winter walks
  60. Not needing to wear sunscreen
  61. Reading books in bed
  62. Mittens
  63. Hot desserts like crumble and custard
  64. Pancake Day
  65. Valentine’s Day
  66. The first week of the year where everyone tries to be healthy
  67. The second week where everyone gives up
  68. Trying to have fun with no money in January
  69. Snowdrops and the first signs of spring
  70. Steamy windows
  71. When you notice the mornings getting lighter
  72. Putting your PJs on at 4pm and not feeling bad about it
  73. Planning your holidays for the year in January
  74. When you need to wear a woolly hat and sunglasses
  75. Winter sun streaming through the bare branches of trees
  76. Warming your hands on the radiator
  77. Hot water bottles
  78. Getting fresh laundry out of the tumble drier
  79. Slippers
  80. Dressing gowns
  81. Porridge
  82. PJ days
  83. Making New Year’s Resolutions
  84. Enjoying a slower pace of life
  85. Dogs running in the snow
  86. When everything comes to a standstill because of 1cm of snow
  87. The excitement of school/work being cancelled because of the snow
  88. There’s no risk of going out and get sweaty
  89. Wearing hats and hoods to cover a bad hair day
  90. Sunrise is later, so you can actually get up to see it
  91. Mince pies
  92. Winter TV and watching Christmas specials
  93. Staying in and working on crafty projects
  94. Booking cheap weekend breaks because no one else wants to go away
  95. The introduction of hygge making everyone want everything to be cosy
  96. Twinkly lights
  97. Warming your feet by the fire
  98. Hot tubs
  99. Taking a flask of coffee on a cold walk
  100. Using the winter evenings to learn a new skill
  101. Winter makes you appreciate the other seasons so much more!

Hopefully you’re feeling a bit more excited about winter after reading 101 reasons to love winter!

If you need a winter holiday to get you through the season, here are some of my favourites…

Budapest for a winter city break

Finnish Lapland for a bucket list, once-in-a-lifetime kinda trip

Dubai for luxury winter sun

Tenerife for budget winter sun

Warsaw for a budget festive weekend break

Valencia for a warm weekend not far from home


Monday 17th of January 2022

Loved this! I do love spring - but am in no hurry to rush through this time of winter ....Winter helps us really appreciate the fresh, new growth of nature in spring ..?


Monday 24th of December 2018

Loved this doing so many of those things and I think that is what makes winter so magical!

Explore With Ed

Tuesday 4th of December 2018

Love the list! I fully embrace winter on the lead up to Christmas but start craving warmer weather come the new year haha!