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#OneReset: The trips that reset my life and why you should reset your email password!

#OneReset: The trips that reset my life and why you should reset your email password!


Does anyone else struggle with all their online passwords?

I remember being a child and the only password I needed was the one to get into my tree den. My older brother would guard the doorway with outstretched arms as though I were an intruder in disguise as a six year old girl. ‘Secret password!’ he’d demand, and I’d quietly whisper a word our parents would never guess before being allowed to step over the threshold.

Ahhh, life was easy back then!

Back when I had one password to remember, not 75 passwords for every online account, every website and every social media account I’ve ever clicked on to.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been guilty of using the same password for multiple accounts. I struggle to remember one password as it is, especially when they ask for a capital letter and numbers and symbols!

But there is one account where you really need to use a strong and separate password and that’s for your email account.

I’ve teamed up with Cyber Aware to share the importance of making #OneReset to your email password so it’s strong and separate to your other account. If someone accessed my email account they’d find so much personal information (among all the cat memes and gifs!) that could potentially lead to identity theft and fraud.

So take 5 minutes out of your day to change your email account password and make sure it’s strong and separate.

Travel Hack Tip: If you struggle to remember secure passwords, try combining three random words! It’s much easier to remember but will still be totally different to anyone else.

In this video I’m talking about making one reset to your email password and also the trips that reset my life. There are two big trips that changed the course of my life completely. The first was an 18 month campervan adventure around Australia and the second was a holiday to the Maldives. The first trip was where I really discovered a love for travel and this was when I began blogging and dipped my toes into the online world. I had no idea my online journal would eventually turn into my career! And then the second trip was where Sam proposed!

Take a look at the video to see the moment when Sam asked me to marry him!