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Travel beauty hacks every girl should know

Travel beauty hacks every girl should know

You want to look great while you’re travelling but you can’t really be bothered taking a billion beauty products and spending an hour each morning getting ready. Right?

I hear you!

Here are some of the best travel beauty hacks I’ve picked up after years of travelling.

HAIR: For beachy waves without salt or heat

Product: A simple head band

If you want easy peasy beachy waves without actually having to dunk your head in the sea or using hot styling tools then try this simple little hair hack. Get a bog standard stretchy head band and place it around your head. Spray your hair with water so it’s damp then wrap your hair around the head band. Sleep with it like this or leave it for a few hours and when you unwrap your hair you’ll have gorgeous beachy waves.

This works best 2-3 days after you’ve washed your hair (when it’s a bit dirty!) as it holds in place better so you might want to pack some dry shampoo too.

This is such an easy style for travelling and it’s great for weekenders too because it means you won’t need to pack shampoo, conditioner or any styling tools or products.

This YouTube video shows you how to do it:



SKIN: For treating sunburn

Product: Soleve

The obvious hack here is to not get sunburned, but accidents happen and it’s easy to end up looking more like a lobster than the golden bronze you were hoping for. When you’re travelling somewhere hot I’d always recommend packing Soleve. It’s a lotion for sunburn relief and is lovely and soothing on hot skin. It also includes ibuprofen for pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects.

You can get Soleve in Boots, Sainsbury’s, Tesco Pharmacy and independent pharmacies, it comes in a 100ml bottle so you can pack it in your hand luggage.



FACE: Avoid shiny sunscreen face

Product: Matte foundation

Even the most expensive, oil-free sunscreens that are made specifically for your face still leave you with a shiny, greasy looking face – especially when it’s hot, which is usually is when you’re wearing sunscreen!

I recommend using No.7 Beautifully Matte foundation. It’s very, very matte but goes on perfectly when you’ve just layered your face up with factor 50! It feels a bit more like cement when you don’t have a greasy base layer like sunscreen, but it’s great when you do! This is a great foundation and it doesn’t cost the earth so it’s perfectly justifiable to buy it as your back up foundation purely for when you’re travelling.

I’ve tried a few different foundations with sunscreen included in them but I find a proper sunscreen is always best.


FACE: For when you can’t be bothered applying makeup

Product: MAC lipsticks

Let’s face it, when you’re hot and sweaty, a full face of make-up is the last thing you want and usually ends up making you look worse not better. But an easy alternative to make-up is simply a bright lipstick. You can dress up any outfit with a quick swipe of your favourite lippy and you don’t need to worry about panda eyes or sweaty foundation.

Lady Danger by MAC is my fave

HAIR: Taming crazy hair

Product: Scarf

There are some days when there is nothing you can do with your hair so it’s time to embrace the messy bun and dress it up with a colourful head scarf. You’ve probably already noticed that I’m always wearing a head scarf when I’m travelling and that’s quite simply because I usually can’t be bothered to do my hair.

 Vintage stores are a great place to find small scarfs


EVERYTHING: A multiuse product

Product: Coconut Oil

If you’re short on space then a great product to pack is coconut oil. It’s a great moisturiser but can also be used to remove makeup or on the ends of your hair to protect it from the sun.


FACE: To avoid make-up breakages

Product: Powder foundations, bronzers, blushers etc

The simplest way to avoid your make up breaking while you travel is to buy make-up that can’t break. Buy lose powders like bronzers, blushers and eye shadows because set powders can crack and you end up losing it all. Loose powders are more difficult to apply when you’re on the go (try applying it on a train and you’ll see what I mean!) but you can save a lot of money because you don’t have to chuck it away every time it cracks and goes everywhere!

These eyeshadow cubes from The Body Shop are also great. And yea, I have no idea why I have a green one either!?


OVERALL HEALTH: Always carry a water bottle

Product: Vapur Water Bottle

Everyone knows long-haul flights dry out your skin and I’ve read so many bloggers recommending expensive moisturisers and fancy products. But in my experience, the best thing is to drink loads and loads and loads of water. And then drink a little bit more because it’s never enough. Hydrate your skin from the inside out. I really like the Vapur water bottles for travelling because you can fold them up when you’re finished with them. But if you do want some fancy moisturisers, head to Duty Free and use all the samples before your flight.


LOOKING GREAT: Just have fun!

Let’s be honest here, when you’re travelling you’re there to have fun, to make memories and have a great experience. You’re not there to look like a model so let’s stop trying! There are so many Instagram accounts where girls look immaculate while they’re on holiday, but remember that it probably took hours to get that perfect shot.

Travel beauty hacks every girl should know

Trying to pretend (badly!) I’m not absolutely flipping freezing during our recent trip to Tenerife!

Do you have any more travel beauty hacks for the list?


*This post was created in collaboration with Soleve.

Jenessa Lynn

Saturday 21st of October 2017

These tips are great! I am super excited about using a headband to get the beach waves look. Most days I just throw my hair in a pony so this is a wonderful low key alternative!


Tuesday 19th of September 2017

I have to say, I love how real and down-to-earth your blog is. It's so true about the girls with immaculate hair and makeup and the prettiest, floatiest red dress on top of a mountain. I don't know about anyone else but I wear hiking gear to walk up a mountain, not a prom dress!! Thanks for keeping it real and reminding us all that we don't have to be something we're not!

Taste of France

Friday 15th of September 2017

Solid shampoo and solid moisturizer (I like Lush products). No spills in the suitcase, good for airport security.


Sunday 17th of September 2017

I've never got on with the Lush solid products. I hear so many travellers rave about them but they're just not right for my hair and skin. I need to have a look if there are any other brands that do them because they do seem so much easier than faffing at airport security!