Falmouth Cornwall

A relaxing weekend in Falmouth, Cornwall

Why is it that as soon as you’re anywhere near London you instantly turn into a manically stressed idiot? Everyone is in a hurry, there’s so much to see, so much to do and we’re all so incredibly important that we have to be there first. We rush around like 5-year-olds on the playground but never take the time to sit back and just enjoy what’s going on around us.

I’m usually one of the most chilled out people in the world but there’s something about London that gets me stressed. The funny thing is, I don’t realized that I’m stressed until I leave. It’s not until I’m strolling through the countryside of Wales, chilling on the beach in Brighton or exploring some exotic destination that I realize that I have been rushing around like an idiot too.

Views of Falmouth from St Mawes

Views of Falmouth from St Mawes

So while I was sat on a grassy bank of a castle (like you do) in Falmouth, I suddenly realized how relaxed I was. I was enjoying the sunshine and the salty breeze from the sea while watching some fish scurrying around busily in the crystal clear water. I wanted to tell them all to chill out. “Calm down guys, just open your mouth and let the plankton come to you, you really don’t need to work so hard for a scrap of seaweed!” I think there’s a subconscious metaphor in there that isn’t too hard to find.

I was lucky enough to spend last weekend on the British shores of Falmouth. I was lucky not only because it’s absolutely incredibly beautiful but also because the sun actually came out for the entire weekend! Never before have I associated crystal clear water and warm sunshine with England and I’ve made a pledge with myself to explore more of this beautiful area.

Waters at St Mawes Falmouth

Falmouth is Cornwall’s most popular tourist destination and it isn’t difficult to see why. Look at the water in that photo above. If I didn’t know better I’d think it was somewhere in the Mediterranean.

Like most Brit’s, I’m ashamed to say that I’ve barely even scraped the surface when it comes to visiting Britain’s coastline. I’ve driven around the entire coast of Australia and visited practically every beach I could but it was the first time I’d been to Cornwall.

If you don’t know much about Cornwall, I urge you to read this beautifully written piece in Travel + Leisure, ‘The Best of Cornwall, England’. I read this before I visited Cornwall and was head over heels in love with the place before I even arrived. Sometimes, when you have such high expectations for a place it can only lead to disappointment but I can honestly say that Falmouth lived up to every expectation and more.

So while you enjoy some of these beautiful pictures from Cornwall, I’ll be busy gathering all my thoughts together to share more from my trip over the next week.


Falmouth Cornwall

boats in Falmouth cornwall

houses in St Mawes Falmouth


cottages in Falmouth


Massive thanks to for hosting my trip and showing me another beautiful area in England.

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  • Jen
    May 21, 2013

    Love the photos, especially that bunting one and the clear water. Love British coastal towns… you should visit some of the places up North. Scarborough and Whitby are two of my favourites… oh and I suppose Hull if that counts?! 😉

  • May 21, 2013

    Cornwall is a great place to go on holiday. I haven’t been that south yet, I think I have been up to Devon but thats about it. Looks fabulous. ,Love those cottages.

  • May 21, 2013

    Gorgeousss photos! I wish I was there xx

  • May 30, 2013

    Love all the photos… I wish I could go to in that area, I didn’t see any people in the picture. Is the place secluded from the population?

  • June 20, 2013

    Guess I revisited your blog at the right time. I am in the UK now and as of the moment, I’m exploring midlands. Might as well visit Cornwall by August 😀 The photos are convincing! 😀

  • Ann
    July 4, 2013

    Cornwall is my favourite place in the UK! We spent a week camping near Truro and just driving around the place and we might as well have been in Europe. The air was warmer and the place had such a relaxed feel. Plus, I love good seafood so even better!

  • February 14, 2015

    the picture of house is so beautiful. I am planning to visit Cornwall coming August. Thanks for sharing these inspiring pics.

  • January 28, 2016

    Sounds like an awesome holiday, have you managed to get back to Falmouth since?


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