My next adventure: Paris, Lille and Berlin with Citadines Moments 30 #CM30


As I write this I’m frantically rushing around trying to wash and re-pack my bags for my next adventure. I’ve been in Egypt for the past week but now it’s time for a different kind of adventure as I’m off on a 9-day trip around Europe!

Side note: Trying to pack light for a European trip between two seasons is very difficult!

I’m one of four blogging reporters for Citadines, a serviced apartment rental company. We’ll be travelling to different European cities and reporting back on our experiences. You can read more about Citadines Moments here to see more about the campaign, the other bloggers involved and the prize. Yes, there’s a prize!

The other bloggers involved are Anja Beckman from Travel on Toast, Dorian Nieto from Dorian Cuisine, and Lakshmi Sharath.

I’ll be travelling to Paris, Lille and Berlin and the other bloggers will also be covering Cannes, London, Barcelona and Brussels.

I’ll be live blogging from my trip so you can follow along daily to see what I’m up to. I usually wait about a week or so before I write about my trips but I’m testing out a new blogging style to include more videos and live posts. I’ve recently bought a new camera which is amazing for videos so I’m keen to play with my new toy!

The apartments I’m staying in look gorgeous. Here’s a sneaky peak:

The competition and the prize!

The Citadels Moments 30 trip is all to celebrate Citadels 30th birthday.

They have more awesomeness around the theme of 30 because 30 people can win a holiday to one of their apart’hotels.

Prize #115 people will win one night for 2 in a European apart’hotel

To win a weekend in the apart’hotel of your choice, you just need to vote for your favourite blogger (pick me, pick me!)

Prize #21 week in a European apart’hotel for 2 people

There’s an extra prize for someone who voted for the winning blogger. If you voted for the winning blogger you’ve got a chance to win 6-nights for 2 in the Citadines Apart’hotel of your choice in Europe including all transport costs.

You can read all the rules and T&Cs here. The main thing you might like to know is you can vote everyday for extra chances to win.

Travel tips for Paris, Lille and Berlin?

If you have any recommendations for things to see, do, eat. drink or places to play in Paris, Lille and Berlin, please do let me know!

I’ve always found that asking you guys for recommendations is the best way to find hidden gems.

I have three days in each city so enough time to see all the major attractions plus a few off the beaten track ones too.

I haven’t been to Paris since I was 13 with school. At this age I was more interested in chasing boys than soaking up the Parisian vibe so I’m basically a blank canvas.

I’ve never been to Lille so everything there will be new to me too.

I spent a couple of days in Berlin last winter. I took a street art walking tour in Berlin plus the free walking tour and I loved them both but I’d like to see a little more of the city this time.

Any recommendations on a postcard please (or in the comments below!)

  1. Madeline 7 years ago

    My favorite European city is Paris 🙂

    • TheTravelHack 7 years ago

      It’s quickly becoming mine too. I’d forgotten how gorgeous it! I thought Venice was my favourite European city but I’m starting to reconsider.

  2. How exciting Monica – this sounds like an amazing project! 🙂 Do check out our recommendations for Paris here :-

    • TheTravelHack 7 years ago

      Thanks so much guys. There are so many great recommendations there!

  3. That sounds really exciting – looking forward to reading about your time in Berlin and Lille as I’ve not visited either. As for Paris, check out Sain-Germaine-de-Pres, it has dozens of chocolate shops, confectioners and patisseries all in one compact area. Sweet!

    • TheTravelHack 7 years ago

      Mmm, chocolate shops and patisseries, I’m there! Thanks Suzanne.

  4. Kirsten 7 years ago

    I don’t know if you’ve done this already in Berlin, but one of my highlights when I went there was visiting the dome of the Reichstag building – it’s free, you just have to register for a time:

    I timed it perfectly with sunset. It was so beautiful over all of the buildings! 🙂

    • TheTravelHack 7 years ago

      Thanks so much for the tip Kirsten. I’ll try and do the same and time a visit for sunset.

  5. Nika 7 years ago

    Even though I have been in Berlin several times (and left a big chunk of my heart there), these are my favorite things to do:
    -Sunday in Mauer park, listen to some karaoke and walk around the infinite number of stands.
    – See Berlin from a different angle and visit Reichtag (as someone already mentioned) or spend your evening on one of the many rooftops (personal favorite:
    – see the abandoned amusement park
    I could go on an on, but I will stop here.
    Can’t wait for the blogpost, hope you have a marvelous time! 🙂

  6. Lucy 7 years ago

    Look forward to reading how you get on in Berlin as it’s top of my list for next European city destination. Tons of tips for Paris though – would recommend the Promenade Plantee (park on an old railway line like the High Line in New York which looks gorgeous in autumn), the catacombs for something spooky, the free Discover Walks tours, and the views from the rooftop café at the Galleries Lafayette department store.

    Have lots of budget tips here: – have a great time!

  7. Olivia 7 years ago

    That’s a great opportunity ! In Paris, sight seeing and monuments will be your friends for 3 days…
    The Eiffel Tower and The Invalides (not far from the tower) are a must, it’s so gorgeous. The Eiffel Tower sparkles at night, every hour for about 5 minutes starting at 7pm every night. I LOVE this so much, it’s beautiful, i would recommand it to anyone going to Paris.
    The Opera Garnier is as beautiful outside as it is inside, and it’s not far from Citadines Louvre where you’ll be staying, straight down the avenue. Then right behind it, the Galleries Lafayettes & Printemps Haussman are a must for luxury shopping.
    The Louvre and its pyramid at night are magnificent, and being right next to it, maybe you should have a look, after a hard day of sightseeing. Inside the museum is also something big, but unless it’s raining, i wouldn’t recommand spending too much time inside, because it’s so huge you might be frustrated not being able to see 1/10th of everything 🙂 If you had more time or if the weather is ugly when you’re there, this would definitely be mandatory.
    Then Montmartre is so charming, not only the cathedral but the whole area down the hill. On top of the hill, where the cathedral is, if the weather is nice, you have one of the best views of the whole city.
    These are so clichés, but it’s really beautiful. As for less clichés parts of the city, you have Pigalle area and its colorful population, where the Moulin Rouge is located. You also have Butte aux Cailles in the 13th arrondissement, like a little village inside Paris. The Parc des Buttes Chaumont is also gorgeous, but it’s really depending on the weather.
    In my opinion, Champs Elysées are a bit overrated, but the arc de Triomphe is nice. But i know a lot of people just want to lay foot on this avenue, so it’s also something to be mentionned.
    Et voilà, for 3 days in Paris, this is pretty much everything i would recommand.
    Have fun !!

  8. Lizzy 7 years ago

    Anything from the French bakeries scattered around Paris is amazing.

    Lizzy at Nomad Notebook

  9. Sarah Shumate 7 years ago

    What a wonderful trip! You’re going to have a fabulous time in Paris. We went this time last year and the weather was beautiful. I’m really excited to hear what you have to say about Berlin. We’re going in 3-4 weeks for the first time. It’s overwhelming how much there is to do there! Safe travels! 🙂

  10. Aurth 7 years ago
    • TheTravelHack 7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing! Looks like a gorgeous city. Unfortunately I don’t speak French so I’m not 100% sure what’s going on but it looks very pretty 🙂

  11. Amy 7 years ago

    I think I am the only person ever who did not like Paris. I will put a lot of it down to the weather…and give it another go one day! Have a great time

  12. Ceritaeka 7 years ago

    I vote for you! ^_^

  13. I’m an Australian expat living in Berlin. Check out my blog at for some great Berlin tips. Lots of spots for good coffee on there too– which of course is a priority in every city! Have fun x

  14. Nisha 7 years ago

    I have been reading you since last many years and I always find your writing very interesting. 🙂
    Have been to Paris & Lille, so I am excited to know about Berlin thru your eyes.

    And all the best for the contest.

  15. […] you remember earlier this month I was travelling around Paris, Lille and Berlin with Citadines? I was taking part in a blogger competition and was doing my best to (not so) subtlety encourage you […]

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