How to keep up with your travel blog while you’re travelling


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One of the hardest things about travel blogging is that you’re so busy travelling you don’t have time to blog. You may notice a lot of the full time travel bloggers travel very slowly and will schedule in a couple of days each week to do nothing but work on their blog.

This is lovely if you’re a full time blogger but what happens when you have a full time job AND a travel blog? You may only be going away for a week or two so the last thing you want to do is waste precious holiday time in your hotel room as you write your posts. You come home and have a busy week in work and, before you know it, two weeks have passed and you still haven’t written anything from your trip. Then a month has passed and your memories get fuzzy and writing up the details becomes a slow and tedious task.

Travel blogging is meant to be fun, not a chore!

I get so many emails from readers asking for travel blogging tips to help streamline the process and making writing posts quicker and easier.

Over the years, I’ve developed some strategies to make travel blogging easier when I’m actually on the road. This is basically a guide to travel blogging when you don’t have any time to blog!

All blogs are different but I find the posts published quickly after a trip are received much better than the posts written months later. If readers have followed a journey on social media then they want to read all about it pretty quickly. If you capture their attention on Instagram but don’t write about a trip for another 3 months then they will probably forget you ever went.

So here are my travel blogging tips to make blogging easier while you’re actually travelling…


Research before you go

If you research your destination and plan a rough itinerary before you go then you’ll probably have an idea of what you’d like to feature on your blog. When you know what you’re going to blog about you can get all the photos you need, speak to the right people, get the right quotes and make sure you really pay attention. This will make it much easier to write your posts.

You’ve also got to be flexible as you never know what you’re going to stumble across.

It’s also good to know what you won’t blog about as it’s sometimes really nice to sit back and relax without thinking about taking photos!


Write your blog posts as quickly as possible…

…but don’t press publish just yet.

I find writing my blog posts while everything is still fresh in my mind is so much easier then if I wait a few weeks. Descriptions come to me quickly and I can remember names and places and little details like what I ate and where I went.

If I leave it too long I need to double check facts by Googling them and it takes forever to get anything written.

I do think it’s important to wait a couple of days (or possibly weeks) before you publish a blog post. This means you’ll come back to it with fresh eyes and it’s easier to spot your own mistakes (something I’m terrible at!) Sometimes I’ll find my memories have settled and I can improve the post but I’m always really glad I’ve got the core facts down before I forget them.


Done is better than perfect

I know this is a debatable statement, especially for all the perfectionists out there, but I’m a firm believer that done is better than perfect. If you’re waiting for your blog posts to be perfect then you’re never going to get them published.

How to keep up with your travel blog while you're travelling


Take a notepad and pen EVERYWHERE

Or if you’re the kind of person to take notes in your phone – use your phone. I’m a bit old fashioned and prefer to put pen to paper.

Top tip: I find that people think I’m being rude if I start typing away on my phone while they’re talking to me, whereas if I use a notepad they think I’m being professional.

I make notes of everything from blog post ideas to quotes to facts and figures or interesting things I stumble across. I also take photos of street names and menus to help me remember names and spellings.


Take a million billion photos

As a travel blogger you can NEVER have too many photos. Even if you don’t use all your photos they can help jog your memory of what you did while you were away.


Use your travel time to blog

I love relaxing on the plane with a G&T and a good film but I usually use my journey to blog.

One of the best blog trips I ever took was my first trip to Iceland. My return journey was filled with delays and it took about 10 hours to get home. It was a nightmare for everyone else but I used the time to write up my posts. By the time we got home I’d edited all my photos, edited a short video and written up five blog posts! (If I sound a little smug, it’s because this has never happened since. I’m never normally so efficient.)

If you’re tired or distracted by lots of noise do something mundane like photo editing and resizing. It’s way easier to get a blog post uploaded and finished if your photos are ready to go.


Don’t do too much work while you travel

You’re on holiday, you should be out enjoying yourself and experiencing your destination. You’re also going to annoy anyone you’re travelling with as they won’t want to sit in a hotel room watching you blog.


TRAVEL BLOGGING TIPS- How to keep blogging while you're travelling

Do you have any more tips to help with travel blogging while you’re actually travelling?

  1. Roisin 6 years ago

    This is such a great post – thank you so much for posting! I often find that I don’t write what has been going on during my travels till much after, and like you said, it takes forever to face check etc. So I will definitely get into the habit of writing down at the end of the day things done to save tie in the future 🙂

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      No problem, I’m glad you found it helpful. Even writing a quick diary at the end of each day can really help jog your memory!

  2. Great tips!! I always take 1000’s of photos and then it takes ages to edit them and choose the ones that I want to use! One of my tips is to pre-write some posts so that you’ve got stuff to cover you in case you don’t have time to write while you’re away.
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      Thanks a good tip – especially if you want to live blog while you’re away!

  3. Leonie 6 years ago

    Great time. I found it heard the first time travelling and blogging and i’m still catching up. Hopefully these tips will come in handy for my next trip x

    Leonie ? Lo On The Go

  4. Daniel Taslim @ That Asian Traveler 6 years ago

    Amazing post! I wholeheartedly REGRET not writing down every single feeling I could have written on my phone/small notes while waiting for buses/flights and everything else – because coming back home and trying to recall the moments in front of a laptop screen are NEVER the same!

    I 100% agree on the ‘taking million billion photos’ thing, I took tons of random photos from hostel doors to empty plates to even a unique toilet, and while the photos are nowhere near pretty – they’re hilariously effective on bringing back memories!

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      It’s true – it’s SO hard to remember thoughts and feelings once you get home.

  5. As bloggers we are always working when we travel. I might take a million pictures and it’s always that one shot that I didn’t take that I need for my post. I keep telling myself to stop working and enjoy the vacation.

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      Definitely. You’ve got to sit back and soak it all in too.

  6. Mo Explores 6 years ago

    I agree with the whole write them now, publish later thing! 🙂 Great tips. Must remeber to keep all these in mind.

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      Especially true if it’s an angry rant! Sometimes things never seem as bad a few days later.

  7. Kiara Gallop 6 years ago

    This is a fantastic post as I work full time and run a travel blog and I always struggle with exactly the same issues. I’ve got a ton of notes and photos from recent trips but I haven’t gotten around to writing a post because I’m still writing about my South American trip last year! I really need to follow your advice and get those posts written during my travel time, rather than spending that time formulating an itinerary for the next place I’m travelling to, which is something I should have done BEFORE the trip – not during! 😉

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      Haha, I do the same sometimes. Not having a plan can be a lot of fun though!

  8. Madi 6 years ago

    Such a great post! It’s true my recent trip to Italy in May was full of action and very little rest and because I had just started my blog I didn’t consider taking time out of my day to write. Now it’s been 3 months and I have barely written about it! Thank you for the tips – so helpful!

  9. JP 6 years ago

    Great post, agree with all these points. Nice to read advice for those with busy lives, and know the (rare) feeling of smugness when travel delays = blogging tasks complete 😀

  10. Rob 6 years ago

    Thank’s Monica, very useful and sensible tips. I think the key is to slow down and absorb the destination. I need all of this advice because I always feel whenever we travel we’re rushing about and missing out!
    I definitely need to write posts quicker or at least a draft, it’s normally weeks later when I get round to it when the feelings and emotion of the trip have long gone.
    It’s great you share your insight and knowledge.
    Thank you

  11. Jodie Young 6 years ago

    Some great tips here, I always finding having my photos edited before I start posting blogs speeds up the process.

  12. Darrel 6 years ago

    Hello Monica! Great blogging tips. I’m wondering when you’ll be traveling to Thailand or Bali? I saw you have a section on your website for reviews. My company, The Luxury Signature is managing the finest luxury villa rentals in Phuket, Koh Samui, and Bali. I would be happy to offer you a free night stay at one of our villas for you to review and share on your blog. Please let me know. I just subscribed to your email updates! Cheers!

  13. Such good tips. I need to make myself use my travel time wisely. Since I teach full-time, I just really enjoy reading for pleasure or doing NOTHING during those long flights and bus rides! 😉

  14. Alice Teacake 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for the tips! I’m travelling now and I’m just like ‘Aaaargh gotta travel / twitter / facebook / blog post / plan / promote’. I’m packing my pen and paper for tomorrow in my day pack now. I’m currently on an island in Taiwan and everyone is saying I’m gonna be stuck here because of the typhoon (I’m secretly happy about how much blogging time I’m gonna get hehe).

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      I got stuck in a typhoon in Vietnam and I was exactly the same! We had no power but I had a candle and a notepad and I got so much written! I really enjoy having some time out to write too so it’s not like it’s a chore but I’m usually way too busy to do it!

    • Melanie 6 years ago

      Great tips here! I’m traveling for 6 months already but it’s sometimes difficult to plan things ahead as lots of destinations come up spontaneously and it seems there’s never enough time to plan the trip and to plan what to blog. I do have a notebook and a pen I’ll make sure I take it with me during the daytrips more often. That will help. And I already take pictures of street names or restaurants because I know I’ll forget if I don’t do it.

  15. Manu 6 years ago

    Absolutely agree with all this: pen to scribble things on any piece of paper, write posts when you can and not publish them, spoil yourself every now and again with 2 days off just to work on your blog, take photos as a picture says a thousand words and can inspire you to write the next one!

  16. Nikki 6 years ago

    Great post and so relevant right now! I just returned from Morocco and am headed to Vietnam and the balance of maintaining The Pin the Map Project while on the road was a stress point for me. Social media was a piece of cake and could be updated daily, but publishing posts was tricky as wifi wasn’t widely available always and often I like to publish posts after I experience a destination. Great tips here, thanks for sharing!


  17. Amy 6 years ago

    Perfect advice for me, though I wish I had read this 2 weeks ago! Just finishing up a trip to Bali and Singapore with my family and I haven’t written a single post… Just a lot of Instagrams. I especially like the notebook idea!

  18. Lucy Smith 6 years ago

    This is great, thanks so much for posting! I’m heading off for 3 months travelling in November and have been thinking about how I’m going to make travel and blogging work. Especially when you’re travelling with other people. Your post is perfect timing!

  19. Sarah 6 years ago

    Thanks so much for the insider tips! I use my phone for notes but tend to only write down names. I should be better about putting in little notes or tidbits about places as I go. And I completely agree about feeling rude pulling out my phone at times! Maybe I’ll feel more inspired with pen and paper?

  20. Ha! I LOVE that you wrote ‘done is better than perfect’! This has been a tough lesson to learn for us 😛 Looking forward to using some of these tips when we take off on a RTW later this year 🙂

  21. Dannielle Lily 6 years ago

    So useful Monica! I went to Bali, Lombok and Borneo a few months back and still haven’t blogged about it but luckily I’ve started using my diary as a way to remind myself of what I want to include. I’m off to Cuba next week so I’ll definitely be using these tips. Who knew a 10 hour delay could be so useful! Thanks for this 🙂

  22. travelizon 6 years ago

    Thanks for this useful article this will be beneficial for the bloger that want to making their new travel blog.

  23. Viet Anh 6 years ago

    The tips are so useful with me, thank a lot Travelhack ^^

  24. taleeey 6 years ago

    Great post! I agree with writing everywhere. It’s great to get things when they are fresh in the mind. I tend to think a lot in my brain and never really get to writing it down. Time to take action! 😀

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