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Video Review: Cosatto Supa Dupa double pushchair

Video Review: Cosatto Supa Dupa double pushchair

The Supa Dupa by Cosatto is a double pushchair I’ve been using for the past few months with my two boys. We have George who is currently 21 months and Joseph who is 3 months. I really struggled to find ‘the perfect double pushchair’ because they’re either too big, too bulky, too expensive or too heavy.

I searched high and low while looking for the perfect option and I think I’ve come pretty close with Cosatto’s Supa Dupa double pushchair. I feel like this pushchair was designed by a parent. An actual real person who has dealt with the highs and lows and the struggles of getting out and about with two small children. They know what parents are looking for in a pushchair but, more importantly, they know what the babies and toddlers are looking for too.

When I chose my first pushchair it was all about me. I wanted a fashion accessory for me and something that was comfortable and easy for me. But once my first son became a toddler I realised that the pushchair is all about him. If he loves his pushchair then I’ll love his pushchair. Happy toddler = happy mama!

I’m going to begin by telling you about 10 reasons why I really like the Supa Dupa. We’ve been using it for 3 months at home and we’re going to be using it while we’re travelling over the next few months too. I’ll update this review with photos and information about travelling with the Cosatto Supa Dupa soon.

Let’s begin with why I love it….


#1. It’s a twin pushchair

I chose this pushchair because the seats are side by side rather than being a tandem pushchair with one seat in front of the other. The reason I really like this is because there’s only 18 months between my boys and it won’t be long before they both want to have an equal view. I don’t like the idea of one child behind stuck and the back and not being able to see anything. I think it’s different when you have a bigger age gap but when you have kids with a small age gap or with twins I think they should both be able to see.


#2. It’s still fairly slim

For a twin pushchair this is still fairly slim meaning you can easily get through doorways, around the shops or along narrow pavements. I never feel like it’s much wider than our old single pushchair.


#3. It’s suitable from newborn

The seats fully recline and come with a newborn head nest so it’s suitable from birth. But at the same time, the seats are still big enough for a toddler. The seat is quite snug for George who isn’t particularly big for his age but it definitely isn’t too small and we’ve had friend’s kids in here who are much bigger and they were comfortable too.

The seats are also really easy to recline with just one handle and it goes up and down.


#4. The pattern

I couldn’t skip the fact that all of Cosatto’s products come with gorgeous designs. They’re bright, bold and fun and little kids love them. When I chose my first pushchair for George I wanted something sleek and stylish and basically a fashion accessory for me but once they get a little older you realise that the pushchair isn’t about the parents, it’s about the kids.

We chose the Cuddle Monster design which George absolutely loves. And then on the inside there’s still a bright pattern that Joseph will lie and stare at. There are lots to choose from – I really like the sis and bro one for anyone who has a little boy and a girl.


#5. 5 point harness

This might seem like a strange one to put at number five but if anyone else has a toddler who occasionally refuses to go in their pushchair then you’ll understand. You can clip them in with one strap at a time so you can quickly get the waist straps on before they manage to escape. Some pushchairs come with such complicated straps that you have to put together like a jigsaw puzzle and then you’re toddler has managed to escape before you’ve got it all fastened together.


#6. The peep holes

I would prefer to have my new born facing me so I can see him but this isn’t possible with the Supa Dupa. Realistically, he’s fast asleep for the majority of the time he’s in a pushchair anyway and as soon as babies stay awake for longer they get nosy and want to see where they’re going. Thankfully, the peep holes give a perfect compromise and I can see the little ones even if they can’t see me.


#7. The multimedia gadget pocket

This is a really cool feature that I haven’t seen on any other pushchair and that’s a gadget pocket in the hood. The hood comes all the way down and you can place things in this pocket to keep kids entertained. Cosatto say you can put things like flash cards or photos in the pocket but we all know it’s an iPad pocket! If we’re doing something boring but I need George to stay in the pushchair for a long time then this is a lifesaver. Places like airports or if you’re in a long queue – you can just pop a film on and sit them back in their pushchair and it keeps them entertained. I’m not sure how this would work if you had two kids watching films because they can’t both see the same iPad and the noise would clash – but that’s something we don’t need to worry about yet. There’s also a speaker in this pocket so you could plug your phone in and play songs to them both.


#8. It comes with everything included

Unlike a lot of pushchairs, the supa dupa comes with all the added extras included. That’s the cup holders, insultated bottle holders, the cosy toes, the seat liners, the head huggers, the chest pads, the raincover and the enormous hoods.


#9. The price

The Supa Dupa currently costs £320 which is very affordable in comparison to a lot of other double pushchairs. I was reluctant to spend too much on a double pushchair because I’m hoping we won’t need to use it for too long because George likes to walk. But there are times when I really need to use it such as when I’m shopping or walking near a busy road. So I didn’t want to spend too much on a pushchair that in a few months time we’ll probably only use a couple of times a week.


#10. Easy umbrella fold

It’s really easy to fold the Supa Dupa away. You don’t have to do anything fancy, it’s just a simple flick and fold it down. It does have an aluminium chassis so it’s as lightweight as it can be but – to be honest- it’s still fairly heavy.


Any reasons why I don’t like the Supa Dupa?

The only thing I don’t like about the Supa Dupa is the middle back wheel. As I walk I tend to kick this wheel. It isn’t the end of the world and I imagine this is the case with all twin pushchairs but it is quite annoying. The Supa Dupa handles are adjustable, but even on the highest setting I still kick the wheels and I’m only 5”4 so it’s not like I’m particularly tall.

My partner, who is about 5″10, doesn’t kick it all and he finds it really nice to push so maybe it’s a height thing?


Overall thoughts

Our whole family loves this pushchair. We don’t even put it away – it sits in the conservatory of our house and is out all the time like it’s a piece of our furniture! Joseph has his naps in there and George likes to sit and play in there, often chatting away to the monsters inside the hood.

After lots of research, I really think this is one of the best double pushchairs out there – especially in this price range. It’s fun, it’s practical, it comes with all the extras you could possibly need and it’s been designed with both parents and children in mind.

The seats aren’t very big so a larger toddler might feel squashed – but as most toddlers like to hop in and out it probably won’t be an issue for most families as they won’t spend too long in the pushchair anyway. It works well for our family, particularly as George likes to get out and walk whenever possible.


Roma Small

Friday 13th of January 2017

Great video Mon. Got some mates that will soon be in the market for something like this. Do you happen to have a referral or even a discount code for it?


Friday 13th of January 2017

Thanks Roma :) No I'm sorry I don't have any kind of discount code but I'll make sure I update you if I get one.


Thursday 12th of January 2017

Great review! I've not come across this brand and I love the patterns! My husband and I travel frequently and are thinking about getting a stroller better suited to travel than the one we have. How do you like pushing this pushchair over cobblestone and rougher terrain? A lot of our travel is in and around Europe, so cobblestones are pretty common. We like our current Britax chair with air filled tires, but it doesn't fold down very compactly, but I'm worried a "lightweight" pushchair will be a pain on rougher city streets. Thanks!


Friday 13th of January 2017

It's so tough to find the balance between a comfortable ride and a compact design. We have the Maclaren Mark II too and that's super lightweight but it's got no suspension at all so it can't be a comfortable ride! The Supa Dupa is great on bumpy surfaces and it's one of the most compact double pushchairs I've come across so it's definitely a good option. I've noticed a lot of people have the Bugaboo Donkey in Europe for a double pushchair. We have the Chameleon which is kind of the single pushchair equivalent and that's a really comfortable one - nice to push and a nice ride for the kids - but it's big, bulky, expensive and comes in two parts so it counts as two baby items on the plane.