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50 stylish hand luggage backpacks perfect for travelling

50 stylish hand luggage backpacks perfect for travelling

I’m a suitcase kind of girl when it comes to travelling. Wheels were invented for a very good reason so we might as well use them. It’s the 21st century, why would you carry a heavy bag when you can wheel it along with minimal effort?

But when it comes to my daybag, daypack, hand bag, hand luggage – whatever you want to call it – I’m all about the backpack.

I like having both my hands free and that carefree feeling that comes with not having to try and look stylish with an oversized designer handbag hanging from the crook of your elbow. Yeh, it looks nice but it’s a pain in the bum after about 20 minutes – especially when you’re trying to take photos or you’re chasing after a little one (or doing both which is what I’m usually attempting).

A backpack is also much easier if you’ve got heavy hand luggage for a flight as it’s easier to carry. It’s also great when you’re travelling to and from the airport with both a suitcase and a hand luggage bag as you’ve got both hands free for your case.

Backpacks have got a bad rep as being unstylish and geeky but that’s not the case anymore. Backpacks are cool, they’re easy and they’re perfect for travelling so here are 50 of my favourite backpacks for your next trip.

Anyone else just want them all?
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Monday 7th of March 2016

Thanks for this! I'm searching for a smart-ish backpack. My faithful Longchamp bag dangles from my shoulder like a sack when i've overloaded it with sightseeing bits: camera/ water bottle/ guidebook/ spare top etc etc. The structure of a backpack should help.

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Wednesday 2nd of March 2016

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