How much does it cost for a weekend in Timisoara, Romania?

A weekend break to Timisoara is cheap. So cheap! And while I don’t think that cost alone should be a major influencer when it comes to choosing a city break destination, we’ve got to be honest here, it is going to affect your decision a little.

I’ve estimated that if you visited Timisoara for a weekend break in October and booked your flights and accommodation now, the whole trip would cost about £160 per person based on two people sharing a hotel room. And that’s eating well, drinking well, taking taxis and doing a few activities.

The best thing about visiting cheap cities is you can get the best of the best. You could get a nice hostel for around £10 a night but if you spend £40 a night you can get a 4* hotel!

So how much does a trip to Timisoara cost?


Flights – £40

Stansted to London flying with Ryanair in October. Departing Friday night and returning Sunday night. Flights are even cheaper midweek!

Check out Kayak for your best flight options.


Hotel – £30 – £50 per night for 2 people

We were told that Hotel Timisoara is the best hotel in the city and this is just over £50 a night.

I stayed at Check-Inn Hotel which is about £40 a night including breakfast but I wouldn’t recommend it. The rooms were spacious and clean but it’s quite a long walk out of town and the atmosphere was a bit drab. I’d pay a bit extra and go with Hotel Timisoara.

Again, rates are cheaper mid-week.


Meals – £5.00

A main meal at a restaurant around the main squares of Timisoara (so the main tourist squares) cost between about £3-£8.

A hamburger in Liberty Square cost 26 Lei or £5.13


Soft Drinks – £1.30

Soft drinks in restaurants cost about £1-£2

A coke is usually 7 Lei or £1.38


Alcoholic drinks – £2.00

A G&T cost 13 Lei or £2.50 at La Capite (a really cool riverside bar)

A local beer cost 6 Lei or £1.18


Activities – Varies

Entry into an outdoor pool – 15 Lei or £2.96

Pedalo hire – 30 Lei or £5.92

Banat Village Museum – 5 Lei or £0.98


Taxis – About £2.50

60 Lei or £11 from the airport – possibly more expensive due to airport fee

13 Lei or £2.50 – less than 10 mins

20 Lei or £3.94 – 10-15 minute journey



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  • August 7, 2017

    Wow! Timisoara seems like a pitch-perfect destination, especially for budget travelers, Monica! Would you suggest staying at hostels there or the hotels are also cheap?

  • August 10, 2017

    Wow, really quite a budget vacation. Thanks for the info.


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