Incredible views from Table Mountain, South Africa


Table Mountain, the most iconic landmark in South Africa, dominates the skyline of Cape Town and looks over the entire city like an older brother. It’s impossible not to be captivated by the strange, flat-topped mountain that seems to be so out of place in the city.

It isn’t until you get to the top that you feel like Table Mountain was put there for a reason. And the reason is, quite simply, to provide views like this:

Views from Table Mountain South Africa
Views from Table Mountain South Africa

Views from Table Mountain South Africa

The Travel Hack on Table Mountain

From the top of Table Mountain you can see right out over the City Bowl, the Water Front, Table Bay, Devil’s Peak, Lion’s Head and Robben Island.

Robben Island

Robben Island from Table Mountain
Robben Island is best known as being the island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for the first 18 years of his sentence. The island is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a museum that can be visited on an official tour.

I’ve been told that dolphins follow the boat out to the island and there are little penguins waiting to greet you when you arrive so it sounds like a great South Africa history/culture/nature/wildlife day out.

Taking the cable car up to Table Mountain South Africa

You can walk to the top of Table Mountain or opt for the much easier Table Mountain Revolving Cableway which leaves every few minutes.

Dassie the Rock Rabbit

Dassie Rock Rabbit

One of my favourite things about Table Mountain, you know, apart from the amazing views, fresh air and mini history lesson, was seeing this little guy. He’s got a few names including the ‘dassie’, a rock rabbit, a rock hyrax or Cape hyrax. Whatever you want to call him, he’s super cute.

Weird Fact No. 1

Dassie’s look like giant guinea pigs and are probably the same size as a cat but their closest living relative is the elephant.

Sometimes evolution just baffles me.

Weird Fact No. 2

Dassie dung is used as a South African fold remedy for epilepsy. I’ve spent some time Googling this and I’m yet to find out if it actually works.

Cloud on Table Mountain

Cloudy views from Table Mountain

Top Tip

The clouds roll across Table Mountain unbelievably quickly and it will suddenly become cold and windy. If you plan to walk up, make sure you check the weather and ask the locals before you set off. You really don’t want to be lost inside a cloud on Table Mountain.

Sometimes it will be so cloudy it isn’t worth going to the top so I recommend trying to visit the peak as early in your trip as you can so you have a few backup days in case it’s too cloudy.

Ladies and long-haired gentlemen, I’d recommend taking a hair tie with you or you’ll come down looking like you’re wearing a bird’s nest on your head. Or was that just me…?

We were meant to abseil down Table Mountain with Abseil Africa but, even though it was warm and windless at the bottom, it was blowing a gale at the top and we were unable to abseil. I was secretly pleased it was too windy but it would have been brilliant to say that I’ve abseiled down Table Mountain!

Oh well, it gives me something to go back for and, trust me, I will be going back!

  1. Ninasafiri 9 years ago

    Great post and awesome pictures… I had the fun to climb up Table Mountain with the sun shining bright and when I finally arrived at the top the clouds came and I couldn’t see a damn thing :-S So, I also have a reason to go back and I might as well abseil down Table Mountain when I’m there =) Thanks for sharing!

    • TheTravelHack 9 years ago

      Sounds like a great plan. I’d love to go back and walk up it too. The cable car was cool but it did feel a bit like cheating!

  2. Salika Jay 9 years ago

    Beautiful views and photographs! The rock rabbit indeed is cute, and seems like he likes to live in the edge 🙂

  3. Fabulous views and loads of useful tips too. SA is somewhere I’ve yet to discover – looks and sounds amazing.

    • TheTravelHack 9 years ago

      There’s so much to see there Suzanne. I’m already thinking about another trip there!

  4. Derek 9 years ago

    Evolution baffles me too…but it also entertains me just as much! Great photos too, that’s amazing how the clouds came rolling in 🙂

  5. Wow – those are some fantastic views!
    So, the big question – is it worthy of the title as 7 Natural Wonders of the World?

  6. dita 9 years ago

    Whoa! The top picture is the most amazing for me. Love traveling time! Wish I could be somewhere outside Indonesia before July <3

  7. Fabulous views of useful tips and Great photos too

  8. jill 9 years ago

    Gorgeous view!! Well, before the clouds roll in 🙂

    • TheTravelHack 9 years ago

      Thanks Jill. It was even pretty amazing when the clouds rolled in because it was all misty and eerie. Not the best for photos though!

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  10. Turner 9 years ago

    Love the Table Mountain. The Absailing was a trip. I gotta back to SA. Hopefully will snag a wine pouring and Safari job.

    • TheTravelHack 9 years ago

      Wine pouring and safari? That would be epic! Maybe not at the same time though.

  11. Cape Town 9 years ago

    Monica, I admire you for even contemplating abseiling down Table Mountain ! You have got to love heights to do that. Loved your photo of the Rock Dassie. I managed to get a few up there but they are so quickly startled you have got to be really quick to get a photo. Great photos of Cape Town – the views are quite magnificent from the top.

  12. Josh 8 years ago

    This is an awesome view. I would love to go up there and take some photos. this is on my bucket list now.

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