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5 Baby Friendly Holidays for Baby’s First Trip

5 Baby Friendly Holidays for Baby’s First Trip

I’m just a couple of weeks away from having my baby boy and already my thoughts are turning towards travel. Actually, who am I kidding, my thoughts are always on travel! But now I’m really starting to think about my first few trips with the baby.

I have a couple of trips booked in the UK and I’ve been researching baby-friendly options to go abroad. It can be difficult to find holidays that are baby-friendly without being packed full of children and men in red coats trying to force you into cringe-worthy situations. That definitely isn’t the kind of holiday I want!

Travelling with a baby is going to be a lot of fun but I also know it’s going to be much more difficult than my usual travel style. I won’t be jumping straight into a an adventure trip and I plan to ease myself into travelling with a baby with some easy and relaxing trips.

Here are a couple of trips I have planned and a couple I’m dreaming about…

Swansea Seaside Break

I’m half way through arranging a trip to Swansea for the end of May and I’m already so excited. I grew up in North Wales and I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never been to South Wales, so this is a first for me.

We’re going to be staying in this quirky Shepherd Hut located right next to Rhossili Bay. Rhossili Bay has been named the best beach in the UK and looks gorgeous. It’s going to be a relaxing weekend with long walks along the beach and plenty of stops for pub grub and fish and chips.

Rhossili BayPhoto credit: Rhossili, Wales

Forest Holidays at Sherwood Forest

Our second baby-friendly holiday is to Sherwood Forest, the forest where Robin Hood is said to have lived. We’ll be staying in a luxury cabin hidden away among the trees and it even has a hot tub.

Here’s my review of Forest Holidays Sherwood Forest following our incredible stay!

And just by coincidence, the weekend that I’ve booked is also the weekend of the Forest Live Tour at Sherwood Forest. I didn’t even realise until a few weeks ago and I snapped up some tickets just before they sold old. This is a mini forest festival and I thought it would be rude not to join in so I’ve got us tickets to watch Tom Odell on the Friday night and Paloma Faith on the Sunday. We will be getting little ear defenders for baby and we’ll hang out near the back but I’m so excited already.

Sherwood Forest

Road trip in France

I’ve always dreamt about taking a road trip in France. The ferries to France are quick, easy and affordable (aka. very baby friendly!) and it would mean we could take our own car and the pooch too. I’d love to take a road trip from Calais to Nice, stopping in Paris along the way. I’d then spend a few days soaking up the gorgeous sunshine of Nice and hopefully take a slightly different route back.

Nice, FrancePhoto credit: Monte du Chateu – Nice

Villa holiday to Santorini

Santorini might not be the first place you’d think of when travelling with a baby and that’s why I’m really keen to do it. From what I’ve read, Santorini isn’t child-friendly. There’s not a lot for kids to do on the island so they quickly get bored and don’t appreciate those gorgeous sunsets and stunning views like we mature grownups do.

This is why I’d like to go with a baby and before said baby grows into a child and can start throwing tantrums when he’s bored of lazing around and watching mummy drink wine in the sunshine. You see, I’ve got this planned out because I know in a year or two Santorini won’t be an option!

Santorini isn’t pushchair friendly either so I’d like to go while he’s small and light and can be worn in a sling or baby holder. I’m taking inspiration from Hannah Maggs who visited Santorini with her little guy.

Santorini at Sunset Photo credit: Santorini buildings tinged pink by sunset

Beach time in Barbados

As I’m dreaming here, I might as well add a dream-holiday option with a luxury trip to Barbados. Last time I was in the Caribbean I spent a day at Crystal Cove during transfers to Dominica and it was absolutely gorgeous. It’s a family-friendly hotel but without the tacky family-friendly vibe and it’s pretty much perfect for a holiday with a little one. Some of my family actually took a trip here with their kids and grandparents and they loved it. Spacious rooms, babysitting services and THAT beach. What’s not to love?

blue seas in barbados

Can you recommend any other baby friendly holidays I can start drooling over?

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Tuesday 23rd of February 2016

Having done several trips with several babies, a beach trip is not the best way to go. Sand and sun to not mix with babies. Santorini or anywhere that you can walk around is perfect. I always dreamed of going to Istanbul with one of mine, but never made it.

Dan Johnson

Tuesday 3rd of March 2015

Wow Monica, enjoy the French road trip. If time is on your side, come back along the Atlantic coast and see the coastline change as you move north. The beaches of Landes are my favourite - huge and often deserted.

There are lots of different ways to plan a journey; for some inspiration take a look at our articles on France's most panoramic views (; best World Heritage Sites ( and most beautiful villages (

Bon courage!


Sunday 1st of March 2015

I would really recommend looking into CenterParcs. Maybe you've heard of it and one of the locations is actually Sherwood Forest, but they also have 4 other locations in the UK as well as many in Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany. They're little villages in nature and it was one of my favourite holidays growing up. I can't remember which forest we went to but I have many memories of cycling around (you only used your car to travel to and fro, but never inside/around the village. Inside you use bikes and your own 2 feet!) and I think that's where I learned how to ride a bike too! :)


Monday 2nd of March 2015

I've heard about CenterParcs. Not really sure it's my thing but will definitely check it out. Thanks Ella!


Friday 27th of February 2015

Babies can go almost anywhere as can toddlers :-) it's not so much the locations or types of trip you go on but your travel style that might change.

I can definitely recommend Ibiza as a great place to take a little one. Gorgeous beaches, interesting places to see, great food....and a short flight from the UK.

I also never imagined I would go on a cruise until I was at least 60 but we're going on our third this year, Croatia this time.

I look forward to reading about your adventures and best of luck for the coming weeks.

Andrea Perullo

Friday 27th of February 2015

Awesome suggestions!!! I can't wait to travel with Joaquin. One more month and we're going somewhere with him!