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What to pack for a wintry weekend away

What to pack for a wintry weekend away

What to pack for a wintery weekend awayLast weekend I travelled to Gothenburg in Sweden for their famous Christmas markets. It was so magical and festive and my boyfriend and I had a fantastic time.

I love wintery weekends away, no matter where they are. They’re often really affordable compared to summer weekends and I hate the thought of hibernating at home for the entire winter.

The only problem is pretty obvious…it’s the weather.

In Gothenburg last weekend it was freezing and I was completely underprepared for the chilly temperatures.

The locals don’t let the cold stop them getting out and about so we shouldn’t either. In Gothenburg we noticed people doing their shopping in their ski pants and there wasn’t a single person without warm boots and thick coats. (I suddenly felt very silly in my fluffy heeled boots without any grips or warmth)

If you aren’t prepared for this chilly weather it could easily ruin your trip. If you are prepared, however, you can have just as much fun, if not more, than a summer weekend away.

Don’t let the weather stop you from travelling this winter, just make sure you’re prepared and pack the right outdoor clothing.

What to pack for a winter weekend away

Thick wooly hat

I’m currently a bit obsessed with knitting and I like to make my own hats using alpaca wool from Wool and the Gang.

Leather gloves

As someone who loves taking photos while I travel, leather gloves are the only option. Wooly gloves are too awkward and I hate taking them on and off each time I take a photo. Mine were a present from Ted Baker a few years ago and I’m still in love with them.

Super warm coat with a hood

I’m currently loving this Craghoppers coat from Get the Label (currently £90) with a cosy, faux fur lined hood. I like having a longer coat to keep my bum warm and the big hood means I don’t need to carry an umbrella.


The bigger, the better

Smaller jacket

Consider packing an extra jacket, just in case it’s really freezing. I like the Uniqlo ultra light down jackets that pack away into a tiny bag. They’re really warm considering their size but won’t take up any extra luggage space.


Topshop have a great selection of stylish knitwear and you can’t go wrong with M&S cashmere jumpers

Leigh Jeans from Topshop

This jeans/trousers seem to make it onto every packing list I write and it’s because I honestly wear them every day. They look like jeans but they’re soft cotton so they comfortable and dry quickly.

Top Pregnancy Tip: I’m currently 6 months pregnant and rather than buy the maternity version of these jeans, I’ve just extended the button hole by using a hair elastic. I then wear a longer top so no one can see I can’t button up my jeans!


Pop a pair of tights on underneath your trousers to stay extra snug. Buy a size too big for extra belly warmth and to avoid saggy tights crotch – there’s nothing worse! I usually find thermal leggings are too thick to comfortably get my jeans on.

Thermal top

My thermals are from M&S and I love them because they’re so thin but so warm. They’re also really affordable compared to outdoor brands.

Super thick socks

I steal my boyfriend’s super expensive snowboarding socks when it’s really cold. I can’t bring myself to spend £15 on a pair of socks but you really can tell the difference.

Warm boots

I’m currently in love with my biker boots from Urban Outfitters. They’re warm and snug and go with every outfit. Warm boots are absolutely essential for a winter weekend away. If your feet are cold, you’ll be miserable.

I highly recommend using compressible packing cubes in your suitcase to press the air out of your bulky winter clothes and save space!

Is there anything else you think should be on the packing list?

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Friday 22nd of January 2016

So true! My sister lives in copenhagen and the locals are always prepared. She said, unlike in the UK, being fashionable is uncool when the weathers crazy. You're cooler if you're prepared and sensible - warm layers, flat shoes and a backpack are a must when i visit! Great post x


Friday 22nd of January 2016

That's so true! I read a blog post by an American who visited Copenhagen and wore high heels and floaty dresses. She said she felt like an idiot. The style in Copenhagen is so sleek and understated anyway.

Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

Saturday 27th of December 2014

Such a great list - I invested in a pair of Ug boots for the first time last year as well as M&S thermals also before heading to Austria in winter and you're right about these items - they worked a treat! I'm definitely going to look up that Craghoppers coat - seems brilliant for what it is, especially if you found it kept you nice and warm!


Tuesday 16th of December 2014

Loving the boots! Great packing list. I'm a true advocate of thermals, I often wear them to work because I get cold so easily. The only problem I hate with winter is that when you go inside shops, etc - you're boiling and end up carrying half the layers you're wearing. That really gets my goat.

Rachel x


Wednesday 17th of December 2014

I hate that too. Public transport is the worst where you don't have space to take all your gear off so you just have to sit there and sweat!

Leah of The Mochilera Diaries

Monday 15th of December 2014

I loooove that chunky red sweater in the photo! And knitted hats are definitely the way to go! I don't know how to knit but luckily my mom does (thanks for the hat, mom!).


Monday 15th of December 2014

Hehe. My mum has to fix the hats I make from time to time. I have no idea why they sometimes end up with enormous holes in them but I can give it to my mum and she makes it disappear!

Beverley | Pack Your Passport

Monday 15th of December 2014

Ooh I want everything on that list, Monica!

I agree that not being prepared and being cold can ruin a trip in winter. I recently bought some thermals and, wow, they make such a difference! The other night I went out wearing a dress but (secretly) had a thermal vest on underneath! It's not the most attractive piece of clothing I own (in fact, probably the least attractive!) but it does the job. I also bought a long sleeved one to layer under jumpers.

I love this time of year, though; layering, huge scarves, thick socks, cute hats, I love my winter wardrobe a lot more than my summer wardrobe! :)


Monday 15th of December 2014

Ha, I love the thought of thermals being a little secret. While everyone is shivering you can be toasty and warm and they'll never know why...