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Reasons I love getting lost on a Roadtrip…

Reasons I love getting lost on a Roadtrip…

So many love the idea of an adventure but not half of us really know how to have one.

For me, going on an adventure means starting with an idea of where you want to go or what you want to achieve, but being completely open to things going wrong in the knowledge that really, it’s the unexpected things that create the best memories.

I guess there’s 2 types of road trip.

One that is planned down to the tee with timings, stopovers, breaks, and arrival times. And honestly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

For example, if you’ve taken 2 weeks off work to roadtrip around Europe and you don’t plan a route or stick to it, chances are you won’t cover the ground you once hoped and you’ll still be in France when you’re meant to be back at your desk. So, you know, when needs be, plan it and stick to it.

The type I’m going to talk about, and the type that is my FAVOURITE, is the unplanned roadtrip.

The roadtrip where you’re on holiday or with some friends, you have a spare day with nothing to do and you decide to go exploring.

A situation I found myself in, not too long ago, with some friends in Croatia.

Knowing we had a spare day, I had highlighted on Google maps some place’s i’d like to see. Some were ambitious and some were really close, because you never know what’s going to happen along the way.

For example, you could take a wrong turning and get a little lost…

Reasons I love getting lost on a roadtrip… 

1. You have to start observing and not just obeying the Sat Nav

Technology has benefitted us so much and made life easier in a lot of ways. For example you can be in a country far far from home, open up Google maps and easily navigate yourself around the alien country.

On the other hand it has made us rather lazy. No longer are we testing our memory and recognising landmarks and using our self navigation skills. We are relying on a screen. So when the screen fails us…

You have to start paying attention to road signs, whether you look like your heading in the right direction and in doing so, you begin to see the world. Spot animals, trees, sunsets and observe things that are generally a lot more stimulating than the sat nav screen.


2. Discover random places you weren’t intending on seeing

In-between the wrong turnings, detours and looking for the relevant sign posts, chances are you’ll find something in the distance that catches your eye. Or you’ll just end up accidentally in front of something.

On our Croatian roadtrip we typed ‘Krka National park’ into google maps, completely oblivious to how big the national park is. We were searching for the famous waterfalls but with our google maps entry, it took us 20 minutes north of where we intended to be.

Annoyed? Nope, look at this gorgeous spot we stumbled across…

P8140161 P8140162

3. You have to stop and get directions

If times get tough and your self navigation skills AND your sat nav fail you. You may have to get out of your car and engage in a little human interaction. It may seem like a bit too much effort, but talking to others is one of life’s simplest pleasures… and you have no choice.

You never know who you’re going to spark off with, who you’re going to stay friends with and who can offer you cool opportunities and things to do.

You’ve got to be in it to win it!

4. More singing time in the car

Because who doesn’t love a roadtrip mix tape with all the oldies! Time flies when you’re having fun.

5. Unique, non touristy photos

Chances are someones photos or trip has inspired you to take the roadtrip in the first place? Maybe mine are inspiring you right now. I know it was the frequent reading of the Krka waterfalls on various blogs that made me want to go.

So, you dream of going to the places you see in the photos and when you get there, of course you want a similar photo.

But create your own landscapes too. By discovering random places and getting lost you’ll find spots just as beautiful and too, unique, that you can capture. It will make showing your friends and family your holiday photos, that bit more interesting.

6. The best memories

It’s very well and good saying that taking a wrong turn is a blessing in disguise, but let’s face it, often you don’t realise it until afterwards.

If you’ve been driving for a long time, or you are pushed for time and you really want to get somewhere… it can be frustrating. Try and take the ‘theres nothing i can do about it’ approach and just think ‘what can i do from here’.

Honestly, the biggest disasters somehow turn into the best, most talked about and most revisited memories… embrace it!


‘The best things in life were unexpected, because there were no expectations.’

…and so after all, there are lots of advantages to taking a wrong turn, hey?

Can you think of any others?

Of course, after all the wrong turns and detours, it is kinda nice to turn up where you intended and get those lust after photos…

G0025929 P8140172

Have any of you guys been on a roadtrip and found somewhere completely unexpected? 🙂

Love as always,

Mollie x

Sanna | Owegoo

Monday 5th of October 2015

I love how you talking about embracing the opportunities that comes after a wrong turn! Some of my absolute best travel experiences, I have come across either when there has been no plan, or when there has been a plane, but I got lost somewhere on the way=) My favorite one took me to a small town in New Zealand, no accommodation or hostels to find. However, the town had some lovely locals that took me in. In exchange I cooked them dinner and we had a lovely evening. Nothing special at all, but still one of those evenings that I will never forget.

Anca | Globaloud

Wednesday 23rd of September 2015

Not just that I like getting lost and finding interesting random places, but I'm also the kind of person that doesn't even google anything before the trip, and mostly, when traveling long term I don't book any accommodation and just go with a flow. Of course, as you said, it's not possible for everyone to do it like that, but if you have enough time, getting lost is definitely the best way to explore a place.