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Staying in a villa with a baby

Staying in a villa with a baby

8 reasons why staying in a villa while you travel with a baby is awesome


I love hotels, but staying in a hotel with a baby or young kids can be difficult. You’re restricted to a small room and unless you have a suite you’re all stuck in there together. What do you do when your baby goes to sleep for the night or needs a nap during the day? You have to tiptoe around and pray you’re not going to wake them up. Meal times can be stressful too as you can’t 100% relax for fear of tears, tantrums and making an almighty mess.

Sam, George and I recently stayed in a villa in North Wales with Our villa was perfect for travelling with a four month old baby and it made the whole holiday stress-free and easy.

Here are a few reasons why I think staying in a villa with a baby is awesome…


They’re affordable

Of course, you can spend major £££ on a super luxe villa but, generally, villas and apartments are pretty affordable. If you had a 3 bedroom villa with a private pool and compared it to the cost of 3 rooms in a hotel, you’d see that you can save a fortune.

You can also save a lot of money on food and drink because you can buy your own at the local supermarket.


You can have separate bedrooms

No family can sleep well when you’re all crammed in the same room together, especially when the little ones are on camp beds or sofa beds. George is a light sleeper so no matter how quiet we are, we always end up waking him up when we go to bed. He’s also a noisy thumb sucker so he keeps us awake with his slurping!

Travels with a baby

You have a living room

Yey for a living room! This is definitely the best thing about having a villa – you have a place to relax and fill with baby toys without feeling guilty about disturbing other guests.


You have a kitchen

Having a kitchen gives you so much more flexibility as you can eat what you want, when you want. It makes it easier to prepare bottles and make your kid’s meals just how they like them.

George is really good when we eat out as he loves looking at people but it can become tiresome if you’re doing it for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day.

hiking with a baby

You can clean

OK, this might not seem like a bonus and I wouldn’t normally endorse cleaning on holiday but when you’re weaning a baby or travelling with tots there will definitely be some mess. It’s often the kind of mess you’d feel really guilty about leaving for the housekeepers or something you’d want to clean up right away! When you’re in a hotel room you’re unlikely to have sponges and cleaning products like you would in a villa.

Villas normally have washing machines and tumble dryers too so you can even do some washing while you’re away! At the risk of sounding like a real mumsy mum, it’s actually really nice to come home from a holiday with a suitcase full of clean clothes.


Extra living space

For all that stuff that comes with travelling with babies. Pushchairs, car seats, highchairs, play mats and toys take up A LOT of space.


You won’t disturb anyone

One thing that really stresses me out when travelling with a baby is the fear that I’m disturbing lots of people. I know, I know, most people actually don’t care/don’t notice when there’s a baby babbling and gurgling and shouting nearby but I can’t relax when I know he might be disturbing people while they’re eating or trying to chill out.

When you have a villa you don’t need to worry about your baby crying in the night or causing a raucous at meal times.


You can take as much stuff as you like!

Remember before I had a baby and I used to harp on about travelling light? Every other travel tip was ‘travel light, it’s so much easier!’ Oh how I miss those days! Now we have George, travelling light just isn’t an option. If I could take the kitchen sink with me I probably would.


Does anyone else like staying in villas or apartments when you’re travelling?


Sunday 27th of December 2015

[…] Staying in a villa when travelling with a baby and why it’s so awesome […]

Cathy (MummyTravels)

Thursday 13th of August 2015

I totally agree - it's rare that I stay in a hotel these days, far more often AirBNB or a villa for exactly the reasons you say. I had to do the bedtime tiptoe last night in a hotel and nearly woke my daughter...