Hiking in Yosemite


Hiking in Yosemite National Park was another of the incredible highlights from my time in the US. I know I’ve said this about virtually every place I visited with Trek America but it’s true!

I love hiking so I was so excited to visit Yosemite.

HIking in Yosemite | The Travel Hack

HIking in Yosemite

Yosemite is the second oldest national park in the US and is visited by 3.7 million people each year. Most visitors spend their time in Yosemite Valley where the best known routes such as Half Dome and El Capitan can be found.

We had just one full day in Yosemite and took the hike to the top of Nevada Fall. It was a 5 mile round trip with some strenuous hiking but the views were so beautiful we were happily distracted the entire time.

Here’s a video from the hike. It starts off rainy and miserable but, trust me, it’s worth watching to see the sunshine at the end.

Yosemite Waterfalls


The Travel Hack in Yosemite

Ignore the bruises and dirt all over my legs. I’m a glam traveller…honest…

Drive through Trees in Yosemite National Park

Trek America in Yosemite

Yosemite Huge Trees

Inside huge trees in yosemite

Crawling through a huge fallen tree. That’s a face that says, ‘I’ll quickly smile for a photo but I am getting out of this as fast as I can.’

Huge trees in Yosemite National Park

I visited Yosemite National Park while travelling with on the Westerner 2 with Trek America. You can read all of my Trek America blog posts here.

  1. I love the huge trees in that area. So cool! I haven’t been to Yosemite since I was small but I’d love to go hiking up there again. Maybe even tackle Half Dome….but that might be a bit too intense!

  2. Renuka 7 years ago

    Amazing! I love hiking too. Yosemite looks so unique and inviting. I love all the photographs. (Sorry couldn’t see the video due to bad internet)

    • TheTravelHack 7 years ago

      Ah that’s the problem with video isn’t it. That’s why I love a good photo post!

  3. Jayne 7 years ago

    Love the video! Also love your laces!

  4. I’ve spent more time than I’m willing to admit swooning over photos of Yosemite on Pinterest and Instagram. I would LOVE to hike it one of these days!

    • TheTravelHack 7 years ago

      It’s so gorgeous. No wonder Pinterest is filled with lovely Yosemite pics!

  5. Scarlett 7 years ago

    Gorgeous photos, you’re such a cutie! x

  6. Lucy 7 years ago

    Looks fabulous – Yosemite is top of my US National Park wishlist!

  7. Ross Murray 7 years ago

    Awesome post! Your pictures and Yosemite look amazing. I’m recently back from the Best Of The East with Trek America which I loved! I’m now booked onto the Westerner next year which visits Yosemite and this is one of the locations I’m most excited for!

    • TheTravelHack 7 years ago

      You’ll have such an amazing time on the Westerner. I’d love to go back and do the whole trip again.

  8. Kelly 7 years ago

    Gorgeous photos!! I was there last month and absolutely loved it! Definitely one of my favourite US National Parks! x

  9. Curtis 7 years ago

    are there places in the states that I can visit on a budget? (im from toronto but always wanted to travel)

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  11. […] Video: Hiking in Yosemite with Trek America […]

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