I’m pregnant! | FAQs and my plans for the future

Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments and congratulations from Tuesday’s post. In case you missed it, yes, I’m pregnant!

Despite a growing bump and five long months to get my head around this, I’m still totally in shock. I actually cannot believe I’m going to be a mum.

Each kick and every twist and turn I feel fluttering in my belly makes it feel a little more real but I honestly don’t think I’ll believe it until I’m holding a baby in my arms.

Each time I tell someone I’m pregnant I’m asked a similar set of questions. Since revealing the baby to the blogosphere, my inbox has been filled with these same questions so I thought I might as well answer them all here in case anyone else is wondering.

In case you missed the announcement on the blog….

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What will you do about travelling?

I don’t intend to stop travelling completely. I’m due in March so I’ll stop flying in January. I’m already starting to slow down because I get tired so much easier and it won’t be long before I feel uncomfortable travelling long distances. I haven’t made any solid plans for travelling once the baby is born because I have no idea how soon I’ll be up and about and ready to jump on a plane. (If anyone has any experience here I’d really appreciate any advice!)

I’m not going to rush it but I certainly won’t be waiting for years!

I hear travelling with a baby is much easier than travelling with a toddler so I think I’ll be squeezing in lots of trips as soon as I’m ready. I will travel with the baby and also with Sam whenever possible (he has a fulltime job with limited holidays, booo). But when Sam isn’t available I do have a long queue of friends and family waiting to accompany me. I don’t like the idea of travelling alone with a baby but who knows, maybe this whole motherhood thing will be easy….? I’m sure my travel style will change. Things will probably be slower and will definitely include more naps!

What will you do about blogging?

The Travel Hack will continue as normal but I’ll also include tips on how to travel with a baby. I don’t want this to be a baby blog but I do want to show that you can travel with a young baby.

Having a baby is probably the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me but it doesn’t mean I’ll be hibernating in the house for years and stopping doing what I love!

I was a little nervous about what would happen to this blog but I’m really pleased that a few companies have already been in touch to say they’d like to work with me. There are some possibilities for babymoons, pre-natal retreats, post-natal retreats, relaxing holidays in the UK and baby friendly trips abroad.

I won’t be travelling for a couple of months – there’s a time when you’re not allowed to fly and I’m sure I won’t be up to it for a few months – so I will be accepting guest posts and interviewing some of my favourite bloggers to make sure things don’t get too quiet! (Email me if you’re interesting in guest blogging!)

Bump-free in Glasgow
Bump-free in Glasgow

Will you be a ‘mummy blogger’?

Hells yes! Although I really don’t like the term ‘mummy blogger’.

If you Google ‘Mummy Blogger’ you get lots of boring blogs about washing powder and how to make organic baby mush. They’re filled with bad pictures and sponsored posts for the most mundane products imaginable.

Thankfully, not all blogs are like this and I’m slowly discovering a whole community of awesome bloggers who have babies – both travel related and not. Hopefully I’ll find a better term than ‘mummy blog’ but I will be dipping my toes in and launching a new blog dedicated to all the baby stuff that’s going on in my life. I’m aware that a lot of the readers here on The Travel Hack will have no interest in babies so I’m keen to keep things a little bit separate.

When is your baby due?

The baby is due March 14th so I’m just over half way there with the pregnancy!

Will you be blogging about your pregnancy?

Probably not, well not on The Travel Hack anyway.

I’ve read lots of blogs about pregnancy and I found them all really interesting but, to be totally honest, I don’t have much to say.

I have been amazingly lucky and all I’ve experienced is tiredness. No cravings, no sickness, no weird feelings, no panic attacks, no major mood swings (although Sam may disagree – sorry Sam) and no major worries. I’ve had all the normal worries most pregnant women have but I’m not a natural worrier so I’ve just carried on as normal. I’m still not really showing so a lot of people don’t even realise I’m pregnant.

I know I’m lucky and this could change but I’m actually really happy I have nothing to say!

Is it OK to travel while pregnant?

Of course it is! Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve travelled to:

  • Cyprus (although I didn’t actually know at this point)
  • Ljubljana (again, I had no idea!)
  • Glasgow (for the Commonwealth Games)
  • Venice
  • Dubrovnik
  • Mykonos
  • Istanbul
  • Egypt
  • Paris (twice)
  • Lille
  • Berlin
  • Turin
  • Dublin

I haven’t really changed my travel style too much other than skipping the wine and cocktails in the evenings. I was disappointed I couldn’t scuba dive in Egypt but that’s the only thing I’ve felt like I’ve missed out on. It was a perfect coincidence I didn’t have any travels abroad booked between 5-12 weeks of my pregnancy. I’d planned to spend most of July and August at home to enjoy the summer with my friends and family and one of my best friends who was visiting from Australia. Weeks 8-12 were probably the toughest weeks of my pregnancy so far. I was just so tired! Luckily I work from home so it wasn’t too much of a problem if I had a lie-in or spent a morning working in my PJs.

Do you know if you’re having a boy or a girl?

We do, we’re having a boy! We weren’t going to find out but at the very last minute we changed our minds. It was weird because I’d been certain it was a boy from day 1. Obviously it was a 50/50 chance of either but I felt very proud of myself for getting it right!

Our first baby purchase. Converse is big, medium and small. Louie isn’t sure what to make of the small ones.

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If you have any other questions, please do let me know in the comments below.

Also, if you can recommend any baby+lifestyle or baby+travel blogs I’d really appreciate it!


Monica is the founder and editor of The Travel Hack. She began the blog in 2009 when she left the UK to travel around Asia and Australia for two years. She's now a full time blogger and has travelled around the world in search of affordable luxury travel experiences.Monica lives in Wales with her growing family and now also blogs about travelling with young children!

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  1. What you heard about it being easier to travel with a baby than a toddler is right! The good news is, at least in my own case, by age 4-5 kids become fantastic travelers. At 5, Lexie was traipsing all over Singapore and Indonesia with us for 10 days without any complaints. I know that’s looking pretty far into the future for you, but I just wanted you to know how much fun it will be to travel with your son. He’ll notice things you won’t and give you a whole different perspective on the places you travel. 🙂

    1. Ah that’s make me so excited, thanks Sarah! I guess I’ll have to change my travel style a little while we’re in the toddler stage but if that means chilled out beach breaks and UK trips then I really can’t complain!

  2. Congratulations. Definitely be assured you can travel with a baby – all babies need is to be fed, changed and loved – all things you can do whilst travelling.
    The biggest difference with travelling with a baby is all the stuff you feel the need to pack.
    Crawlers/toddlers are more interesting travel companions but fun all the same and I love seeing travel through my three year olds eyes. The things they pick up on are things an adult will often miss or take for granted.
    I’m like you and dislike mummy blogger as a term, it conjures up posts about sick and nappies which are pretty dull.
    Take a look at aroundtheworldwithahighchair for a bit of inspiration, would love your opinion on it to be honest.
    I now have a second baby, Mini ATWWAH is 4 months old and finding time to write is definitely more of a challenge. Be kind to yourself the first few months although easier said than done. Look forward to reading about your adventures.

  3. Super! It’s a boy! 🙂 How cute it would be when the little one will accompany you on your trips! It’s a great inspiration to see pregnant women traveling. Thank you for sharing a private side of your life with us.

  4. I’m going to send this to my husband. He’s convinced we’re going to have to stop travelling once we get pregnant and have a baby. I’m convinced we won’t, even though most people tell me otherwise. I’ll be really excited to read about your travels with a little one! Oh and congratulations of course!

  5. Congratulations! Such great news – and I love the baby Converse. Glad to hear you’ll still be travelling and blogging too, it’s something I’ve wondered about how I would combine to two if I do have kids and will be really interested to see how you get on.

  6. Somehow I missed your latest post where you reveled your pregnancy, congratulations Monica that is an exciting news! Looking forward to read more about it, also I absolutely adore the photo of the shoes plus dog 🙂

  7. Awesome news! Congratulations again. I totally hear you about some of these ‘mommy blogs’ out there with random posts and terrible layout/pictures…. Well I guess your travel tales might now also consist of first hand tales of what its like to travel as a family unit.

  8. Congrats! What wonderful news! and love that you have already travelled to a few different places even when pregnant. Am curious though, do you prefer to travel on land & sea vs. plane when you were doing these trips?

  9. I’ve been travelling with my daughter since she’s 8 months and never stopped since.

    She was also born in March but now she’s 6. It’s very fun to travel with kids even if it’s challenging with toddlers.

    Babies are easy to travel but they need full attention.


  10. Another vote to say you can definitely travel with a baby – my daughter fitted in eight overseas trips (plus the UK ones) before she was two. Now I’ve got to pay for her flight, sadly!

    And as people have said, a baby can be easier than a toddler. Each has its challenges, but a lot is down to planning, and it’s amazing to see a different side to destinations you know well, or to marvel at everything through your child’s eyes. We’re off again in two weeks and I can’t wait to see how different this trip is now she’s a bit older again (although I am looking forward to the point where she’ll watch a movie on the plane and I might get to watch my own in-flight entertainment again).

    And hopefully there’s a bit of inspiration of my blog for you too, http://www.mummytravels.com

    1. It makes me feel so much better hearing about people who’ve been there and done it and survived to tell the tale. Also good to know you have to pay for kid’s flights when they get to two!

  11. I was a bit nervous about travelling with my son Wilf but we started this year (when he had turned two) and he was amazing! This year we will have gone to Paris, Amsterdam and Lapland and he loves it, in fact I’d say he is much easier work then when we are at home! Apart from the tiredness babies are super easy to transport though, we travel around the UK a lot on trains etc and just popped him in a sling until he was around 18m, so there was only a tricky 6 months or so when he was too young to understand things as well (but wanted to explore as he had newly discovered walking legs!) that was a bit hard when moving around but it’s all good really! I have to say as well that traveling with a child makes seeing the world even more special! xx

  12. Better late than never, but congratulations once again! Very thrilled to be on the same journey as you. I can’t believe I didn’t find out until I was 24 weeks pregnant, I know, how silly! I had some bleeding along the way, but other than that, I’ve got no morning sickness or anything like that all – just like you! We’re extremely lucky. 😉 Can’t wait to plan trips with the baby when she’s here! Where are you heading to this year with the baby?

    1. Thanks so much Nellie, and the same to you too! It’s so exciting. I’m starting to get to the phase now where I’m tired and I just want the baby to come along. I have a couple of UK trips booked so far – nice easy road trips to the countryside – but I’m keen to get some trips abroad booked too.
      How about you? I’ve become obsessed with bloggers travelling with babies recently 😉

  13. Aww this is so so amazing hun. I totally agree that you can travel with a baby & i’m looking forward to those posts from you 🙂 I hope to be doing the same & love hearing such stories 🙂 Best of luck, enjoy the experience xxx

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