Valentine’s Gifts for Travel Lovers


Valentine's Gifts for Travel LoversWhether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s that time of year to spoil your better half.

Flowers and chocolates are all well and good (what girl doesn’t love a bouquet of red roses!?) but a true travel lover will be blown away with a travel inspired Valentines gift.

I’ve scoured the web for romantic travel gifts that won’t break the bank. Because, let’s face it, we’d all rather save our money for a holiday than a tacky present. If your budget won’t quite stretch to a romantic weekend away, here’s the next best thing…


Valentine's Day presents for travel lovers | Personalised destination posterA personalized travel poster

Best for: Couples who have travelled together

If you’ve travelled together a lot then this is a great present to remind you of all your trips together. Have the print personalized with the places you’ve been or even of places you plan to go together in the future.


Valentine's Day presents for travel lovers | Travel ListographyTravel Listography

Best for: People who love to plan

I have this book and I’m pretty sure it’s designed for children but I LOVE it. Buy it for anyone who loves planning future travels or reminiscing about past trips.



Valentine's Day presents for travel lovers | Smitten MittensCouple’s Mittens

Best for: Outdoorsy couples with a sense of humour

If you love long walks and holding hands then you need these mittens in your life. Holding hands while wearing gloves just isn’t the same so grab yourself a pair of Smitten Mittens. One mitten is a regular mitten while the other is one you wear together and it allows your hands to meet in the middle for a real hand-holding experience. Ahhh, how sweet.


Valentine's Day presents for travel lovers | World Map WalletLeather World Map Wallet

Best for: Men (because you blokes are really difficult to buy for on Valentine’s Day!)

It’s difficult to buy romantic presents for men that aren’t too soppy or tacky. I love that it comes in a world map tin too.


Valentine's Day presents for travel lovers | Love letter necklacePersonalised Love Letter Necklace

Best for: Romantics

Who doesn’t love receiving a love letter? OK, I haven’t had one since I was about 11 but I’m pretty sure I’d still love it. And if it comes in a piece of jewelry, even better.


Valentine's Day presents for travel lovers | Travel toiltries gift packTravel toiletries gift set

Best for: Those who love to be pampered

Don’t ask me why but all girls love miniature toiletries. They’re super cute, they allow us to try lots of new products and they’re really handy if you’re travelling with hand luggage only.


Valentine's Day presents for travel lovers | KindleKindle

Best for: Book worms

There is no better gift for a bookworm than a Kindle. I know a lot of people are purists when it comes to books and they like the good old fashioned paper and ink but, trust me, once you’ve tried a Kindle you won’t go back.

Kindles are great for travelling because you can download guidebooks and avoid lugging around any heavy books.

There are fancy Kindles available now but I’d still go for the standard one. If it ain’t broke and all that. Also, if your Kindle does lots of fancy things, you get distracted from your book with social media and email notifications. Keep it simple.


Valentine's Day presents for travel lovers | trtle sleepscarfTrtl Sleepscarf®

Best for: Anyone with a long flight coming up

The Trtl travel pillow/scarf crops up again and again on this blog and that’s because it’s the best travel pillow I’ve come across. It’s compact and comfortable and is much better than a bulky U-shaped pillow. It’s even comfortable enough to fall asleep with in the middle seat of a plane.


Valentine's Day presents for travel lovers | Tree house weekendGift experience

Best for: For the gift buyer to get a present too!

Gift experiences are generally the best presents ever. There are hundreds of websites out there where you can chose from experience days like hot air balloon rides, spa days, cheap weekends away, afternoon tea or fancy meals.

Check out sites like Living Social, Groupon, Buy a Gift and Wahanda. My stay in a tree house in Wales was part of a gift experience package.


Valentine's Day presents for travel lovers | ONA camera bagONA Camera Bag

Best for: Snappy happy travellers

Most travellers like to get snappy happy. If your loved one has a DSLR take a look at ONA’s gorgeous range of camera bags. I love the fact they look like regular bags rather than camera bags so you’re not advertising the fact you’re carrying an expensive camera.


Valentine's Day presents for travel lovers | Instagram collageHandmade Instagram Collage

Best for: Crafty types and budget buyers

Do you remember when I made an Instagram collage for less than a tenner? No? Go and check it out. This collage makes a thoughtful and unique gift and is also really cheap!




A plane ticket!

Best for: Getting brownie points

I’ve left the best till last because what could be better for a travel lover than a flight to somewhere new. Even if you’re on a budget, buy a really cheap flight and then you can worry about booking accommodation, meals and activities with a shared budget.

If all else fails, make them a card. Get a piece of printer paper and a felt tip pen and go nuts. The more hearts and soppy poems the better.

Do you have any more Valentine’s presents for travel lovers to add to the list?


  1. Vera 7 years ago

    Oh! Lovely gifts! I would really love to get any of them, specially the gift experience or the travel quote! I hope you get some of them too;) With love,

  2. Sara 7 years ago

    All of these ideas are so gorgeous, I love the look of those camera bags.

  3. I love the idea of the personalized travel poster! That’s such a sweet way to remember the trips you’ve taken together. A flight would obviously be fantastic as well. Now where do I find a boyfriend?

  4. Gemma 7 years ago

    I got given the Travel Listography for Christmas! A perfect way of keeping track of where I’ve been and what I want to see next! x

  5. Katie 7 years ago

    Those smitten mittens are adorable! And I’ve got to agree with the gift experience… anything that I don’t have to try and find more space for in my suitcase! 😉

    • TheTravelHack 7 years ago

      They’re cute aren’t they. I could never been seen in public wearing them but they’re a good joke present. And I agree – anything that doesn’t fill up your case or even clutter up your home is a good present.

  6. Nikki 7 years ago

    Love the gift experiences idea and the instagram poster! Checking those out now.

  7. For Christmas my boyfriend got me a personalised necklace made from bamboo which basically joins up a dot-to-dot of all the places we’ve been together in the world 🙂 The shape is surprisingly nice and like that geometric style. Most thoughtful present and it’s gorgeous!

  8. Ivan 7 years ago

    Lovely gifts specially camera bag and leather world map wallet!

  9. Love these, especially the poster, but if I could persuade someone to buy me one of those camera bags, I’d be very happy!

  10. Asma 7 years ago

    Travel Listography is right up my street, might treat myself to that!

    In fact all these ideas are fab, it’s almost like a travel shopping list 🙂

    • TheTravelHack 7 years ago

      Forget about Valentine’s Day, it’s just a good list of presents to buy yourself! (I’ve bought most of these for myself!)

  11. Steph Rogers 7 years ago

    This is amazing!!! I was struggling to think of good presents and there is so much inspiration here!! Really want to stay in that tree house!

  12. laura 7 years ago

    Ha, those smitten mittens! So silly, I love them 🙂

  13. Simon 7 years ago

    Valentine’s Day – Love – Paris. A feast of the heart!
    I’m going to take your advice here and treat her to a gourmet food tour in Paris.

  14. Mariana 7 years ago

    I would get this lovely travel journal which is absolutely stunning and so well organised and also this travelege map.

    I actually purchased one for myself both the journal and the map and i love it! Cant wait to use it on my next journey.

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