10 tips for new travel bloggers

10 tips for new travel bloggers

I’m a firm believer that everyone should keep a travel blog. I’m not talking about blogging to make money or blogging to ‘travel the world for free’ or any other hype you see online. I’m talking about travel blogging for the love of travelling. For the love of seeing the world and sharing your stories with other people and keeping an online record of the places you’ve been and all the incredible things you’ve been lucky enough to see.

It doesn’t matter if you update your blog once a week, once a month or once a year; having this online journal from all your trips is the best! My favourite thing about having a travel blog is being able to look back and re-read about my trips from 10 years ago. It brings back so many amazing memories and (without sounding too smug) I want to go back in time and give 21 year old me a little hug and thank her for writing those posts. Yes, they’re a bit cringy and there are so many typos and mistakes but they help remember something I would have otherwise forgotten.

For those of you who ARE really passionate about blogging then you’re starting at the right time because there is so much possibility for professional bloggers. There is so much money being invested into influencer marketing and more people are following influencers online than ever before making blogging a very viable career path for many people.


I’m not actually going to be talking about the business side of blogging and making money from a blog in this post today but if it’s something you’re interested in then take a look at my e-course, The Blogger Course. The course is all about turning a blog into a business.



I also send out a monthly email with my blogger income report and my updates about blogging each month so if that’s of interest you can sign up below!



A secret to get ahead in travel blogging…

Before we begin with the tips for new bloggers I have one very important thing to say.

If you want to be a blogger, you need to start blogging!

I have so many people email me each week asking for some tips to get started. I bet a lot of you reading this are on this page now because I’ve sent you this link after an email!

My number one tip for you is to just begin. Just set up a website and don’t worry about the name, the design, the fonts, logo and colours you’re using. These things are all just distractions. You won’t start learning how to be a blogger until you actually start! I’m sure that deep down you know all this design stuff is just a way to procrastinate. If you’re creating interesting content, people will read it whether or not you have a fancy logo. They don’t care about what your blog is called, they care about what you have to say so start saying it.

Don’t be one of the hundreds of people who email me each year saying they want to be a blogger but don’t do anything about it. Make sure that this is your year and 2019 is the year you do it!

It’s takes time to get everything set up and that’s OK. I’d say it takes about 12 months before you feel really confident as a blogger and it takes about 2 years to be earning any decent money through a blog. So start now, yes right now, and you’ll thank yourself in 2 years when your blog has become a sustainable business and you’re location independent and free to work whenever and wherever you please!



If I’ve managed to convince you to start a blog or you’re new to blogging and you’re looking for advice on how to improve you blog, read on for 10 tips for new travel bloggers:



1. Be inspired but don’t copy

I’m always shocked by the amount of travel bloggers out there who tell me they don’t read other blogs.

Could you imagine a fashion designer who never looks at clothes designed by others? Or a writer who never read a book written by someone else. Or a chef who only ate in their own restaurant?

If you don’t enjoy reading other people’s blogs then people probably won’t enjoy reading yours.

Blogs inspire me and help me create new ideas for blog content. They also encourage me to travel, bake, shop, create, design and photograph. I read blogs from all difference niches and try to bring all that inspiration back to The Travel Hack.

Use blogs to inspire you in your own writing but be careful not to copy or compare. Comparison is the thief of joy and all that…


2. Write about what you love and be informative

When I think about my favourite bloggers they have two things: passion and knowledge.

You need passion to keep your blog interesting, inspiring and entertaining but you need knowledge to keep your readers coming back.

Provide your readers with information they can’t find elsewhere and become an expert in your chosen subject.

Kash from Budget Traveller is a great example of someone who is passionate AND informative. Kash is the king of the Luxury Hostel and he even inspired me to start staying in stylish hostels such as KEX in Iceland. His passion for the luxury hostel is infectious and his knowledge about European hostels is incredible.

Another reason you need to be passionate is because blogging can be hard work. If it isn’t something you truly love then

Find something that you’re passionate about and share your love with the world!


3. Be unique

This is easier said than done but in order to stand out from the crowd you need to step away from the crowd and be different and the easiest way to be different is to simply be yourself.

I was interviewed for a podcast recently with Lucy who runs What She Said. We spoke a lot about finding your niche as a blogger and how I think your personality is the best niche you can have. It sounds so simple but it can be tough because you really need to know who you are and what you stand for.

You can listen to that podcast episode here. 

If you aren’t confident with 100% using your personality for the niche of your blog then a simple way to find a unique voice for your blog is to combine two or three niches. Your first niche might be travel so be creative with your second and third niche. Maybe it’s travel and fashion, travel and camping, travel and city life, travel and pets, travel and books. The list could go on but I’m sure you get my point. Your second interest can help to define your blog and make it different.


4. What is success?

You can’t achieve your goals if you don’t know what they are.

In order to have a successful travel blog, you need to decide what success is to you. Do you want to have 100,000 readers a month, publish a book, improve your writing and photography, use your blog as a platform to get work or to have an online diary you can be proud of? And don’t be afraid to say you want your blog to earn you money! If that’s what you want then write that down and keep working until you achieve your goals!

Whatever your reason for blogging, make sure you write it down somewhere so you can put together a plan to achieve your goals and know when you’re getting there.


5. Collaborate

Blogging can take up a lot of time and energy so why not work with friends, family or fellow bloggers to create either a collaborative blog or collaborative posts? A great example of a collaborative blog is Travelettes.

Some of my most popular posts, such as ‘The Best Places for a Weekend Escape’, were written with my favourite bloggers and I often accept contributing articles to The Travel Hack too.

A collaborative blog can still be very personal but you have the advantage of multiple voices and more time, more resources and more ideas to create something bigger and better than you could ever do alone.


6. Brush up on your photography and videography skills

Many new bloggers I meet have fabulous writing skills but aren’t so hot on the photography side of things and this is absolutely vital for blogging today. They say a picture speaks a thousand words so let your photos do the talking for a change. The internet is a fast-paced environment where people have a ridiculously short attention span and photographs are a great way to capture people’s attention.

I’d even go as far to say it’s absolutely vital to be able to take a decent photo if you want to be a blogger in 2019.

You don’t need to have a fancy DSLR camera to take great pictures, you just need to have an eye detail. Some of my favourite photos have been on my iPhone but if you’re taking this seriously you will want to upgrade to something better eventually. I use the Lumix G80 and I love it.


7. Spelling and grammar ARE important


Spellcheck was invented for a reason. Use it.

If you want people to take you seriously then you really need to have impeccable writing skills. If you want to work with brands in the future then it’s absolutely 100% vital.

I’ve never personally used online tools to help with grammar and spelling but you can download things like Grammarly to help.


8. Use one social media platform well

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be on every single social media platform to be a blogger. You’d end up spending all day just chatting to people on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and you’d never actually get anything done!

Most people are focusing on Instagram at the moment as it is the most popular social media channel and this is where most brands are investing bigger budgets, but if Instagram isn’t for you then spend your time elsewhere and don’t feel like you need to force it on Instagram.

It’s much better to have one strong social media channel and update it regularly and chat to your audience consistently on that one platform than it is to spread yourself too thinly and have a small following across them all.

Remember: The more you put into social media the more you’ll get out of it but don’t spend more than half an hour a day on it.


9. Learn about the techy stuff

By ‘techy stuff’ I basically mean everything that isn’t writing and social media because there is much more techy stuff to blogging than most people imagine. You need to know about hosting, WordPress, SEO, plugins, backups, scheduling, photo editing and more.

This all seems a bit scary and intimidating to begin with but the good news is that there are loads of great online guides to help you through everything. Focus on one thing at a time and make the most of the huge number of online resources, particularly YouTube videos which can walk you through every step of the process.

There’s a lot of information out there but just take your time and work through things slowly.


10. Don’t do it for the money…

…because it takes a long time to earn a decent income through your blog. I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years and it’s only the past 3 years where I’ve been earning decent money through my blog.

There are so many guides about ‘how to make money from your blog’ when really they should be entitled, ‘How to use your blog as a portfolio to showcase your talents to find work to make money.’ OK, it isn’t as catchy but there are lots of bloggers out there who are selling a dream that is unattainable for most people.

If you want to make money from your blog, think of it as a very time-consuming portfolio rather than a single source of income.

If you’re interested in seeing how much I earn from blogging, you can sign up to my Blogging Newsletter where I share my monthly income report. Just remember that this income is after almost 10 years of blogging and 6 years doing it full time!


11. Just start blogging!

10 tips for new travel bloggers

To reiterate what I said at the start because this one is so important; just start blogging!

Stop worrying about the look and theme of your blog and what other people think and what other people are doing, just get started. It doesn’t matter if your blog isn’t perfect because the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll begin learning how to make it perfect.



This post was originally published in 2014 and has been updated to reflect my thoughts and changes in blogging for 2019.

You can read more of my posts about blogging here.


  1. Such great reminders for me and I got a huge laugh out of the quote “write drunk; edit sober”. I, like so many others freeze up when I sit down to write, and my 22 yr old son keeps telling me “Mom, get a glass of wine, it’s best to write drunk and edit sober.” I think I’ll post this to my keyboard to remind me…. just write! When he visits next he’ll think I’m actually listenting to him. 🙂
    (I do listen to him)

    • TheTravelHack 8 years ago

      Haha, it sounds like your son has the right idea! Unfortunately I’m one of those people who can’t do anything once I’ve had a drink but I do need to be relaxed.

  2. AkwaabaGolden 8 years ago

    Thanks for posting. Very helpful tips for me as I’ve just started blogging (yet in two languages) and it’s sometimes overwhelming how much work it involves! Writing, setting up a site, being active in social media.. It takes my whole day 😀 I hope I’ll soon be more efficient!

    • TheTravelHack 8 years ago

      Wow, in two languages, that must be hard work! I think you do become more efficient the more you do it (like with anything) but I’d just focus on one thing at a time until you’ve nailed it, then move onto the next!

  3. Mo @ OllivanderMo 8 years ago

    I don’t travel often enough to base my entire blog around it, but I do enjoy publishing travel posts when I get the opportunity. I don’t think I’m very good at those posts though, so this was a great read! Gave me lots of ideas to improve on! I think it’s weird in general when I come across any kind of blogger who doesn’t read other blogs! Reading others blogs is how I figure out what type of posts people are interested in reading, and what posts people find boring!

    • TheTravelHack 8 years ago

      Exactly, me too! I think that if you don’t enjoy reading blogs, it’s unlikely people will enjoy reading yours.

  4. Jules 8 years ago

    I’ve just started blogging (after hearing about blog4trek and stalking your blog for a while, haha), so this is great advice! It’s going to be hard to limit myself to half an hour on twitter but I’ll give it a go! Thanks and I can’t wait for next week’s post. (:

  5. Aaron 8 years ago

    This is really helpful! I should listen to the “just start blogging” section as we are pretty new and have been freaking out over little things like page speed and design!
    I cannot write whilst drunk though, I can’t even stand up when I’m drunk!.

    • TheTravelHack 8 years ago

      Ha, I’m pretty much the same! And yes, I think ‘just start’ is the most valuable advice. you can spend months getting the blog looking how you want but if it doesn’t have any content, no one is going to read it!

  6. Karen P 8 years ago

    This sums up how to have a great travel blog and enjoy it along the way. You’ve included some great advice. Period.

  7. Shobha 8 years ago

    I love the Ernest Hemingway quote! i’m thinking he edited drunk too….

    • TheTravelHack 8 years ago

      Ha, maybe! I can’t even write drunk. When I come back to it sober I think ‘what the hell was I thinking!?’

  8. emma 8 years ago

    Thanks for the advice . I think I have got my niche sorted – travelling with babies and toddlers – but need to brush up on my photography skills as that is an area I would love to develop.

    • TheTravelHack 8 years ago

      Great. I sometimes think that finding your niche is the hardest part. When you know what you’re blogging about it gets easier to know where you need to improve.

  9. Katie Collins 8 years ago

    I think this is brilliant advice for any travel blogger… not just a beginner! Also agree with what you said about cameras. I’ve been using the Lumia 1020 recently and I think it’s taken mobile photography to the next level. They say the best camera is the one you have with you, so if you’re going to invest, buy one that you’ll always take with you!

  10. Ewelina 8 years ago

    That’s a great post Monica. Thanks for sharing your advice. The idea of collaborative posts is totally new to me but definitely worth trying. Apart from the content I really enjoyed visual aspect. Well done to you.

  11. Kelly Stilwell 8 years ago

    Great tips, and I adore the Grammar book! Subscribed!

  12. Great advice and loved some of the quotes as well.

    I’m definitely a newbie and I am struggling to build an audience and find me feet.
    It’s hard to know if anyone reads or likes what you post.

    So if anyone has a spare moment please sneak and peak and comment your opinions. Any advice is amazing.
    Be nice.

  13. Scarlett 8 years ago

    Great tips my love, I totally agree with you on the first one – I think reading makes you a better writer and to compketely disregard othrt people’s work is just to leave yourself ignorant! Xx

  14. Great article! We just started a blog less than 2 months ago so this is very helpful. We’ll be following your posts on blogging basics.

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  16. Silvia 8 years ago

    Thanks for the great tips! I agree that reading other travel blogs is key – one of my favorite things about blogging has been being introduced to such a supportive and fascinating travel blog community!

  17. Kadri 8 years ago

    Awesome post, and useful tips that sometimes tend to forget, thank you and keep up the good work.

  18. Lisa Eldridge 8 years ago

    That is so true that you should just blog because you want to share your stories. Making money from a blog can be really hard so you need to think clearly about your reasons for starting one. Joining forces with other bloggers is a great idea and I can’t believe that I hadn’t thought of it before – thanks for the great tip!

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  20. Thanks a lot for these tips 🙂
    Just starting out myself so appreciate the overview and things I may have overlooked!

  21. Anastasia Sofia 8 years ago

    I’m still pretty new to the game but have so much to learn, and this is great advice. Love the Ernest Hemingway quote! So true ha.

    • TheTravelHack 8 years ago

      There’s always so much to learn with blogging. I’ve been blogging for years now and I still feel like that and probably always will!

  22. Great advice, as always! I absolutely love reading other blogs and do it daily. I learn an incredible amount from them whether it’s web design, writing, photography and even things I don’t like. It’s imperative to be successful and you meet incredible people along the way!
    I also appreciate your comment about spending only 1/2 hour on SM. I do not have this down at all and need to not allow it to consume my time.

    • TheTravelHack 7 years ago

      I’m terrible for spending too much time on social media. I try and whizz through my tasks and then reward myself with a 10 minute social media break!

      And I definitely think it’s great to read blogs from loads of different niches. I think I learn the most from crafty blogs or blogs by graphic designers. They’re always so creative and cool.

  23. Sinead 7 years ago

    I’ve just started my own travel blog – I’d been meaning to do it for a long time but just hadn’t got round to it. Having forced myself to do it, I’ve been working my way through travel plans and old photographs and I am loving it – and realising more and more what I want to do with future trips. This is such a useful guide, and motivation to keep going!

  24. Great tips Monica and I couldn’t agree with you more about good photography because more often than not that is what will catch someone’s attention before they even start reading your blog. I’d also add learning some basic photo editing skills. I get very frustrated when I see people with nice photographs on their posts that with just a few tweaks in something like Photoshop Elements, for example, would become really great photographs! It’s amazing the difference it can make.

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  26. Jessica 7 years ago

    This was such a great read! I’m trying to better my travel blog and yours is a HUGE inspiration. The style, gorgeous photos and of course wonderful posts are something to aspire to definitely!
    Thank you for the super helpful article.

    (This was such an enthusiastic post, when I read it back it sounded sarcastic! It wasn’t I promise! I just really like your blog.)

  27. Hannah Wasielewski 7 years ago

    I couldn’t imagine having my blog without reading other blogs. It gives me great ideas and also gives me confidence that I can do the same thing!

  28. Rohit Singh 7 years ago


    I would like to say one thing which I mostly focus on is providing great quality content because the first step to get your blog post viral starts from your content quality, If it’s good then you can extract more from your promotional strategies

    so one must focus on writing quality content for getting maximum traffic and learn some basic seo skill to get higher rankings in search engines also try to provide value to your readers and don’t just write for search engines if you content is great and appealing then can see some great success

    Cheers and keep posting such great content

  29. Veronika 7 years ago

    Hey Monica,

    thanks a lot for this post. I was planning to start blog for ages and you were (and still are) great inspiration.

    Thanks a lot.

    • TheTravelHack 7 years ago

      Hi Veronika,

      That’s so great to hear. I’ve just been looking at your blog and it’s great! I look forward to seeing more.

  30. Kristen Sarra 7 years ago

    Thanks for the advice! This is the first time I’ve came across your blog and I’m really enjoying it and looking forward to reading more. I just published my first blog post yesterday and it is such a rush knowing that people are out there reading it. Haha I probably should have researched more before publishing it but I was too excited to share it. Thanks again for the tips!

  31. Helen 7 years ago

    Great advice for anyone thinking about travel blogging – I started mine last month as a way to share my travel experiences. I am going away long term in October so friends and family will be able to keep up with my adventures. Reading other travel blogs religiously has inspired me to add other posts about things I have done previously and ‘how to’ lists to advise others. I agree you cannot possibly run a travel blog without reading and following others. My entire India trip has been pre planned using other blogs for inspiration.
    I am currently exploring guest blogging as a way to get my name out there but I have a few months before I leave so not too much of a rush!
    Thanks for the advice!

  32. Claire Robinson 7 years ago

    I’m a new bird of the travel blogging block, and loved this post. Informative and simple, it’ll help me grow my travel blogging muscles I’m sure. Thank you 🙂

  33. ava 7 years ago

    thx for the tips,
    its give me a idea to write on my blog,..

  34. I believe the fact that studying other journey weblogs is key – one of my preferred things about writing a weblog has been being presented to such a helpful and amazing journey weblog community! Thanks for the great tips!

  35. Hi Monica, very interesting blogpost. We recently started our travel blog and it’s always good to get some great advice on getting started. There is a lot to take into account. And it’s very inspiring to keep going. Thanks for sharing

  36. Brenton 7 years ago

    I just stumbled across this. Thanks for the advice Monica. Just started my first blog and start my first holiday next week. I’ll be following 🙂

  37. Thanks for sharing these tips Monica. I like your tip #10 “Don’t do it for the money” where a lot of bloggers think of their blog just for income and then the quality goes off.

    This is very inspiring.

  38. Apple 6 years ago

    Hi! Just want you to know I dropped by. I love your blog. Much love from the Philippines. 🙂

  39. Savvytravel 6 years ago

    I am really new to travel blogging and have only written a couple of blogs so far (savvytravelblog.wordpress.com) but found your article really interesting and inspiring and has given me great ideas for how to go about blogging from now on!

  40. Akshit 6 years ago

    Hii great peice of advice, i wanna ask regarding the niches, should we base our blog entirely on 2-3 niches like travel and food or it would be fine to just experiment around with new fields in every article.
    Thanks in advance

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      I think it’s best to stick to 2-3 niches.
      If you really don’t know what you want to focus on then it’s fine to blog about anything and everything (it’s you blog so you can really do what you’d like) but you’ll probably find that certain topics will do well and you may find you enjoy blogging about certain things the most. Finding a niche sometimes takes time so blog about everything until you find it.

  41. […] Monica of The Travel Hack has written about travel blogging, and I agree with her on every point. Here are her ten tips for new travel bloggers (umm… and me, apparently, despite the aforementioned twelve years of […]

  42. Anca | Globaloud 6 years ago

    Hi Monica!
    I’ve heard a lot of times that finding a niche is what a successful travel blogger should consider doing but somehow I was always aiming at finding a niche in visual content that textual one. I’m experimenting with design and illustrations to make people find my content easier by standing out in the crowd. I hope that’s unique enough.
    Also, I hope people would become more unique in general, not just with travel blogs, cause it’s really important to make something which is not just pure copycat as you said.
    Thanks a lot for making such an informative post and keep up a good work!

    Greetings from Croatia!


    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      That sounds really interesting Anca. I have a post going live on Saturday which is all about finding a niche. A visual niche is such a great take on things!

  43. Ed Puno 6 years ago

    Thank you very much for the very useful tips. I’m a newbie blogger and wants to focus more about traveling. I’d definitely follow your tips.

  44. Kasey 6 years ago

    Fabulous tips! That quote by Ernest Hemingway is hilarious, and definitely truthful. I’ve found myself making little notes in my phone during weird hours [and weird mindsets] and they are actually super helpful later on. I just started a blog myself and need to find my niche. It may take some time but I’ll get there soon enough.


  45. sheetal 6 years ago

    Very Helpful tips …. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  46. Jonny 6 years ago

    Thanks for the tips Monica! I think I’ve found a pretty good niche in football travel blogging (at least from what I’ve found – or not found out there so far). As it’s something I’ve enjoyed for years anyway it’s been relatively easy to write about so far, early days still, which is why the tips are useful!

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      I definitely think you’ve found the right niche if you find it relatively easy! It’s when people struggle to write anything about their chosen niche that you know they’ve chosen the wrong one!

  47. BenediktasGylys 6 years ago

    Great photos and very edifying reading. I realized that I’ve been doing many of the things that you suggest. It’s subject matter that is often glazed over in my opinion. I’ve found that if i just be polite, respectful, sociable and genuine as much as possible it will create opportunities. I’m hungry to learn as much as I can about photography so I’d like to read more of your articles and see more of your work.

  48. Manuela Durstin 6 years ago

    Thanks for this inspiring post – I really like your writing style and the layout of your page. It merges very nicely with the photography. You really reminded me that, as a total newbie to blogging, there is a lot of stuff to be aware of and work on over time – but as you said, over time. Don’t sacrifice the writing over the urge for perfectionism.

  49. hardeepkaur 5 years ago

    Great advice and useful tips about travel blogger.I really appreciate this post.Thanks for sharing.

  50. preeti 5 years ago

    Hi great tips.I have just started a blog budgettravelingnmore.blogspot.com. I was looking for ways to improve it..I loved your tip..techie part is the one that’s bothersome for me right now

  51. Roan 5 years ago

    “It doesn’t matter if your blog isn’t perfect because the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll begin learning how to make it perfect.” —- This statement is inspiring! I find myself doubting and second guessing myself too much everytime I start to write a new post… I feel pressured into thinking that everything has to be perfect that in the end I find it hard to start writing. Thank you for this post! This has been very helpful to a starting blogger like me! 🙂

  52. Munna 5 years ago

    Very well written article. I’m just about to start my travel blog. I’m a tech guy and passionate to be a full time traveller, so I can take care of all technical stuff like SEO, hosting, programming etc. I’m not native english speaker, I make lots of grammatical and spelling errors while writing something and my vocabulary is also nor so rich. Can you tell me how can i improve my writing skill? Thanks

    • TheTravelHack 5 years ago

      If I were you, I’d employ someone to check all your posts before you put them live. Editors like this generally charge about $15-20 per post and they can check all your spelling and grammar and make alterations and suggestions before you put the post live.
      Your English seems perfect but it takes a very very long time to write like a native speaker and the only thing that can help you improve is lots of practice.

  53. […] are fairly important on blogs in general, however, for travel blogs which generally describe what a given place or experience was like, they are crucial. While you […]

  54. Leesh 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your tips Monica I really appreciate it! I’m still a travel blogger novice but one day I hope to tell incredible stories and have a voice worth listening to/reading haha. Love your blog of course 🙂 http://www.girlsthatwander.com/

  55. […] 10 tips for new bloggers […]

  56. April Morehouse 5 years ago

    Thank you, i needed to hear the last paragraph so badly this week. Just do it is my motto from now on.

  57. John 3 years ago

    Great article, but you should change the title – there’s definitely some good reminders here for not-so-new bloggers too! Just out of curiosity, how do you go about discovering and keeping track of new travel blogs? I tried Bloglovin’ but just wasn’t a huge fan of the format.

    • TheTravelHack 3 years ago

      I tend to subscribe to blogs via email when I find one I like but I’ll also follow on Feedly too – that’s a nice simple platform. I’ll follow on social media too but you often don’t see updates for new posts on social.

  58. jeanne 3 years ago

    Great post! And you’ve covered all the important bases. I’m just starting out on my blogging journey and I’m feeling overwhelmed with all the seo, smm, collaborating, guest posting, website designing. So much so, that I dont’ seem to find the time to write the posts!!

  59. Connie McKendrick 3 years ago

    Thanks for this Monica, it’s great to read these sort of inspiring posts at the beginning of the year. It really get’s me buzzing with ideas and determined to blog more in 2019.

  60. henry 3 years ago

    All amazing tips – sometimes it’s hard to lose sight of the goal, which is sharing your passion with the world!

  61. Brian Hastings 2 years ago

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing the post and keep up the good work.

  62. Limo 1 year ago

    Awesome tips! I’ve been trying to start up my own travel blog and am finally getting myself to start it 🙂

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