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Travel Hacks to Have a Celeb Inspired Holiday

Travel Hacks to Have a Celeb Inspired Holiday


If you’re dreaming of a celebrity inspired holiday but you don’t quite have the budget for multi million pound yachts, private jets, road trips in vintage cars, 6* hotels with private butlers and swanky nights out where you’ll wear your diamonds and a designer dress (because we all have diamonds and a designer dress tucked away somewhere in an our enormous walk-in wardrobes, right!?) then think again!

I’m here today to tell you how you can make those luxury holiday dreams come true. Think of it as a luxury holiday on an economy budget.


Stay in a celebrity owned hotel

What’s that? Celebrity owned hotels? Yea…when they’re not busy on the red carpet, filming the latest blockbuster or smashing world records at sporting events, some celebrities choose to spend their free time (and money!) as hotel owners.

You can stay in Andy Murray’s Cromlix Hotel in Scotland from £275 a night and get a taste of the celebrity lifestyle.

There’s a blog post on Air Charter Service USA about the top celebrity hotels around the world for some more ideas! 

Travel hack your way to an upgrade

Now I’m not suggesting you fork out a few extra thousand pounds to pay for first or business class flights. I don’t understand how anyone could justify paying £2,000 extra to have a slightly bigger seat for 5 hours!?

But what I do understand is collecting points and earning rewards through buying things you would have bought anyway.

Travel hacking is complicated but Anne (our travel hacking expert) created some really awesome guides for us. Check out her awesome and really detailed travel hacking tips here.


Hire a vintage car or supercar

You don’t need to own a vintage car or supercar for that incredible road trip you’re dreaming of, you could just hire one for the day.

I don’t know about you but my automatic instinct when searching for hire cars is to go for the smallest and cheapest car available but think again! A simple Google search like ‘classic car hire in xxxx’ or ‘supercar hire in xxxx’ will bring up your options!

Drink in the hotel bars

Can’t afford to stay in those luxury hotels? Don’t worry, you can still get that 5* hotel experience by visiting the hotel bars. Luxury hotels always have the most fabulous bars, often with gorgeous rooftops in the best locations. OK, the drinks might be pricer than they would be in a normal bar but it’s worth paying a little extra for the beautiful surroundings. Hotel bars are open to the public so you don’t need to sneak in and pretend you’re a guest!


Hire your designer outfit

It seems crazy to spend £1,000 or more on a designer outfit that you’ll only wear once so why not hire the outfit instead? Check out this article from the Daily Mail about hiring designer outfits online. It seems you could have a really really good experience, or a really really bad experience! I think if you allow plenty of time to send the outfit back or opt for a company where you can hire a few outfits at a time (in case you don’t like something or it doesn’t fit) then it’s a great idea.


Get your luggage sent out to you

Celebrities are far too busy and important to carry their own luggage so why not get it picked up from your home and delivered to your hotel? I tested out First Luggage delivery service a few years ago when I went to the states and I was really impressed by the service. Take a look at my First Luggage review here.


Get the VIP airport service

You don’t need to be flying first class to feel like a celebrity as you breeze through the airport. Here are my top tips for getting the VIP airport service on an economy budget. Top tip from this post – pay for an airport lounge! They usually only cost about £25 and you get free wifi, food and drink (including alcohol), loads of magazines, computers to use, comfy sofas and a comfortable and serene space to relax before your flight.


Cherie Rose Martin

Tuesday 16th of May 2017

Such a fun and very helpful list. Very creative.