8 Spots of Serenity on the East Coast of Australia

Well hello – it’s nice to e-meet you all & such a pleasure to be here as a new TTH contributor.

I’m Mollie and if you read my introduction here on TTH you’ll already know that I am a keen wanderer in search of life in it’s purest moments.

Over Christmas I backpacked around Australia and whilst I loved immersing myself in the Aussie nightlife, beach parties and surf hangouts, some of my favourite memories are the ones where the world just stood still for just a minute or two. Or my mind did at least.

Travelling allows me to reflect on my life and the journey I am on and I think finding these moments of stillness help me to stay focused and calm.

I’m going to share with you the 8 spots that stood out to me, which I highly recommend seeking out if you find yourself down under…

1. A trip out the the Great Barrier Reef

Whether you’re a water baby or not, there’s just something so mind blowing about staring out in the endless blue…


2. Sunset from the pier on Fraser Island


3. Whitehaven beach, Whitsundays


IMG_0814 (1)


4. Coogee to Bondi beach coastal walk

Linking Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach, this 6km stretch is a popular route and it’s easy to see why. Combining beaches, snorkelling spots, pools, parks, rock pools and formations, spectacular coastal views and breathtaking scenes out into the ocean, this walk has it all. Take a leisurely stroll and be stop for an ice cream along the way…




5. Tallow beach, Byron Bay

Further around from Watego’s Beach and the the other side of Byron’s famous Lighthouse, lies another of Australia’s stunning beaches. Expect an abundance of surfers and gorgeous sands as far as the eye can see. The perfect spot for an afternoon nap & a little surfer spotting people watching…


6. Lake Mckensie, Frazer Island

Located on the world’s largest sand island is this beautiful, refreshing AND youth enhancing fresh water lake. A lake with benefits…


7. Whitsunday’s sailing – Overnight experience

Watching the sunset with a cider, sleeping out under the stars and waking up to complete stillness as the sun rises through shades of pink, sailing the Whitsundays was a ‘pinch me, please can this be my life forever‘ adventure that I’ll never ever forget…


8. The Blue Mountains, Sydney

Located in the outer region of Sydney this World heritage listed site makes you, quite literally, feel you’re on top of the world…


Have you been to Australia? What were your favourite spots?

Mollie Bylett

A 21 year old living for adventure. Mollie loves anything with a bit of adrenalin, anything spontaneous and discovering anywhere she's never set her wandering eyes upon before. If Mollie's not backpacking or taking you on adventures through her GoPro you'll find her preparing for her next singing gig.

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  1. I think another one to add to the list, is sitting in the middle of a vineyard in full bloom in the Hunter Valley, sipping a glass of your favourite wine, feeling like there is nothing for miles… There’s nothing like it.

  2. Loved reading this and checking out your photos. Brought back great memories of my time in Oz.
    Whitsundays’ White Haven Beach was beautiful. Just done a post on it myself and it was definitely up there with the best spots. Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island was great too. Did you do self drive there? It’s awesome!


    1. thank you James! Ah so many good memories hey! Such an amazing country! I’ll have to come and check our your post 🙂 We didn’t drive, we used the greyhound bus down the east coast! 🙂

  3. Hey Mollie! Loved reading through this! It brought back so many memories from my time in Australia! I’m pretty sure the Whitsundays are the most beautiful place on earth! Looks like you had an incredible trip!

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