Weekend Reads #4: Exploring what’s on my doorstep

Why is it that travelling far away always seems so much more exotic than travelling close to home? What is it that makes us want to spend hours in the car, hours queueing at airports, hours crammed onto tiny planes and hours waiting to get through immigration when we could travel to very similar places,…


Will you be doing the #Take12Trips challenge this year? Find out more and read my tips to help you do so!

Are you a Weekender?

  Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’re well and enjoyed the Christmas festivities. It feels strange for it all to be over so suddenly. One minute we’re knee deep in mince pies, fairy lights and panic buying presents. The next minute we’re all detoxing and dieting, saving money and digging out our running shoes.…


The best destinations for cheap family travel in 2017

Cheap family travel. Now there are three words you don’t find together very often. I remember the days when I could have a weekend away for under £100. I’d book a last minute flight and stay in a grimy hostel, get all my meals from a street food vendor and drink nothing but cheap beer…

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