10 reasons you need to get Ladakh in India on your bucket list

If you’ve never heard of Ladakh in India before then don’t worry, you’re not alone. But if you’re the kind of traveller who likes epic adventures and immersing yourself in stunning landscapes and outdoorsy activities then this is a place you’ll want to know more about. Trust me, Ladakh looks incredible and this little known…


Will you be doing the #Take12Trips challenge this year? Find out more and read my tips to help you do so!

Are you a Weekender?

  Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’re well and enjoyed the Christmas festivities. It feels strange for it all to be over so suddenly. One minute we’re knee deep in mince pies, fairy lights and panic buying presents. The next minute we’re all detoxing and dieting, saving money and digging out our running shoes.…


Packing tips for long haul summer holidays

Hands up if you’ve got a long haul summer holiday coming up!? Oooh you lucky thing, I hope you’re jetting off somewhere fabulous! As your departure date gets closer I’m sure you’re going to start thinking about packing so I’m here today to share my tips. I used to be terrible at packing and would…

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